Alternative Rockers SWYM share daring new single ‘I Hate You Because’

Alternative rockers SWYM announce single “I Hate You Because” with B-side, “Interlude (Goodnight Starlight)” scheduled for release on 17th August via Swym Records. SWYM’s debut EP, “Your Distraction”, released back in November 2017, received substantial support by the likes of The Scottish Sun, Clash Mag, The Skinny, Music Week and Paste Mag as well as praise from Amazing Radio’s Jim Gellatly. SWYM have worked with prolific producers in the past such as Graeme Young (Snow Patrol, Biffy Clyro, Ded Rabbit, Mogwai) helping SWYM sculpt their raw, yet delicately kaleidoscopic and unique vision.

Alternative Rockers SWYM
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Alternative Rockers SWYM

I Hate You Because’

Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, the band was conceived by the talented songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nassif Younes. Working with Scott Bruce on the band’s recordings and a newly-presented cast of musicians and friends for live shows consisting of Isaac Barnes on bass-guitar/backing vocals, Innes Cardno on keys/guitar, and Kit Purnell on drums/ backing-vocals, SWYM break away from the norm; combining atmospheric, psychedelic textures together with indie-pop sensibilities and often optimistic, yet broodily crafted lyrical content. With the privilege of working in a recording studio as they see fit. SWYM are currently prepping and handling the finishing touches on their upcoming debut LP, with the first single and taste of what’s to come this August.

Initially wanting to learn rock songs on guitar, Younes soon became intrigued by the idea of producing and being in studio, later on forming what we now know as SWYM. With influences such as Tame Impala, Radiohead and The Flaming Lips behind the band, it’s no wonder they are able to create the immersive, hazy yet perplexing sound they are known for today. Although probably best comparable to dreamy, psych-rock bands of late such as Beach House or Grizzly Bear with possible hints of Deerhunter blended into the cohesive, serene and uniquely crafted sound that is SWYM.

SWYM’s “I Hate You Because” kicks off with a fuzz-drenched, synth-soaked, concisely percussive intro before Bruce’s crystalline yet bellowing vocal delivery hits you, “I hate you because you’re so emotionally stable and I am not, you’ve got your head in the right place” gives us insight into this talented songwriter’s labyrinthine psyche. The second track, “Interlude (Goodnight Starlight)” lulls us into whimsy with retro synthesizers and Bruce’s passionate presence. The drums are most excitable here – tight, consistent beats are the glue to this dizzying delight.

Commenting on the single, Nassif of SWYM states: “Most of my songs come over time. The hook comes quite quickly and then it's a slug to bring out the rest. ‘I Hate You Because’ was one of the ones that just came immediately. I was walking to the studio to give a guitar lesson and it all just happened there. Words, chords and melody at the same time. I left my student in the waiting room for 5 minutes so I could record it on my phone. As soon as I got home that day, I picked up the guitar again, put down the bridge and that was it.”


SWYM Upcoming shows:

8th August: Nice N' Sleazy, Glasgow

10th August: Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen

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