The eyes of the dragon

The eyes of the dragon

The eyes of the dragon

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The eyes of the dragon

Goth tale for teenagers

This is the first and unique novel Stephen King wrote for teenagers. Published in 1987, the eyes of the dragon was written for the author’s daughter. She thought her father’s books were not age appropriate for children so he decided to write this novel for her. A limited edition was also publish in 1984.

It is quite intriguing to discover this prolific author as a story teller for teenagers. This book will help young readers to discover his world and appreciate it.

The story is pleasant enough, and we encounter typical but well cast characters. This medieval thriller is also scary of course. The suspense is always present during the whole of this tale’s plot.

I would recommend this book to every teenager readers. This edition, published by Flammarion is illustrated by a very talented young artist,  Nicolas Duffaut.


King Roland and his mother Sash reign over the kingdom of Delain. Flagg, the king’s advisor realises his position is threatened by the birth of prince Peter, promising heir to the throne. The dark sorcerer plots a devil scheme to destroy Delain and its Royal family.

Stephen King,

There is no need to introduce  Stephen King. He was born in 1947 in Maine ninth United States and published his first novel in 1974. He is one of the world most famous writer in various genres, including fantasy, anticipation, thriller and even horror.

If you wish to follow Stephen King’s work, I would recommend to visit his official website.

Nicolas Duffaut

Nicolas Duffaut studied at the Emile Cohl school in Lyon. He is drawing illustrations for various publishers. He is expert in graphic design and acrylic.

Evelyne Châtelain

Evelyne Châtelain is a translator (anglais : G-B, USA, Australie, Canada). She specialises in thriller and fantasy litterature, as well as cinema, young readers novels, new technologies, tennis, choreography and oenology.

version française

Translated by: Pom de Pin

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  1. Ta chronique m’a fait réviser mon anglais tout en me donnant envie de lire un livre de Stephen King.

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