British Singer-Songwriter Chantitown premieres single ‘Cause and the Cure’ via CLASH Mag!

Folk singer-songwriter Chantitown has just premiered her new single, Cause and the Cure, the first one to be taken from her upcoming EP of the same title. The single drops tomorrow, 25th May and we’d love if you could consider this for a feature!

Co-produced and co-composed with People's Music Award Film and Music Composer Jim Huswuit (Universal Music, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre), Cause and The Cure was mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter who has worked with artists such as Dan Austin (Ocean Size, Pixies), Scott Harding (Wu Tang Clan, New Kingdom), Pip Williams (Status Quo), Rupert Christie (U2 / Green Day) and more.

Listen Chantitown - ‘Cause And The Cure’

Premieres single ‘Cause and the Cure’

British singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown shares Cause and the Cure”, the first single taken from her upcoming debut EP of the same title, released independently on the 25th of May. The EP was co-produced and co-composed with Jim Huswuit (Universal Music, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre) who also holds credit as People's Music Award Film and Music Composer.

“Cause and the Cure” was mixed and mastered by reputable engineer Chris Coulter, who has worked with well-respected artists such as Dan Austin (Ocean Size, Pixies), Scott Harding (Wu Tang Clan, New Kingdom), Pip Williams (Status Quo), Rupert Christie (U2 / Green Day) and more.

The single also includes notable percussionist Paul Clarvis who has worked with musical greats such as Mick Jagger, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul McCartney, to name but a few.

The London-born, former Performing Arts student has been writing and experimenting with sound since an early age, realising her ever-ambitious true calling at just 13 years old. Chantitown grew up in a household filled with musical influence and received her first musical lesson whilst at still in school, whilst knowing that her passion for music was a “soul-connection that ran deep” , and vowing on this ever since.

So naturally, Chantitown took the time to research, and self-educate herself on the vast plethora of musical genres the world had to offer, including classical, folk, urban, rock, etc. But this is no limit - only until her introduction to poetry, did Chantitown truly find her place in ultimate expression, by contributing her own inward thoughts and words as sole influence to her songwriting capabilities.

Chantitown is heavily influenced by accomplished or legendary songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Tracy Chapman, to the electronic trip-hop hypnotics provided by Massive Attack, Portishead, and MGMT. Chantitown can be stylistically compared to Bat For Lashes, Lorde or even Cat Power for heartfelt, yet raw and immersive presentation, compelling vocal delivery and intriguing instrumental backdrops.

Her music is one that tells a story, evokes intense emotion and delight drenched in empowering, earnest lyrics, put together in an almost dream-like fashion which transports you to an ethereal plane of existence. Chantitown’s music is nothing short of majestic, leaving you ripe in anticipation whatever is next to come.

Chantitown’s debut offering “Cause and the Cure” is an explorative resonant excursion like no other. Concise production qualities begin this journey and create a jaw-dropping impression; refreshingly blended melodious beats, hypnotic rhythms and a neon-like aura are captivating from the onset, creating an otherworldly, symbiotic relationship between the two colliding worlds of unforgiving dramatism and the undeniable room to change one’s life. “Cause and the Cure” may be melancholic in nature, but it’s empowering embrace is enough to fill one’s heart with warmth and appreciation.


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On the new single, Chantitown adds, “This song is about someone who left a place they called home for a better future. I tell stories through my songs in hope that some people can relate in some way, or just connect. The particular person this song is based on left his home and country as a child, and reflects back as a grown, accomplished man having done quite well in life - he had never lost the connection with the place he came from. Interestingly enough, social media keeps everyone connected these days, but my father for example, left his country to live in England, and I guess “Cause and the Cure’ is partly inspired by this. Its open to interpretation, but “The Cause” being a reason you leave a place “The Cure” the very same place that heals you spiritually and emotionally”

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