Anna Aaron – ‘Why Not’ VIDEO

Swiss producer and indie-songstress Anna Aaron released her latest fiery single Why Not’ via Radicalis Music.

Anna Aaron - Why Not
Listen: Anna Aaron – “Why Not”


Anna Aaron – ‘Why Not’ VIDEO

(Alternative Songstress)

Aaron initially gained notability by fellow Swiss jazz musician Sophie Hunger, prompting celebrated label Two Gentlemen Records to take interest in the Basel-based artist and sign her right on the spot.

Anna has joined the Erik Truffaz Quartet on their European Tour, and worked with respected engineer David Kosten (Natalie Imbruglia, Bat For Lashes, Snow Patrol, Marina And The Diamonds), with added contributions by prolific musicians such as Jason Cooper, drummer for the iconic post-punk band The Cure, as well as multi-instrumentalist Ben Christophers (Bat For Lashes and V2 Records alumni), gaining the talented musician considerable press and interest.

Speaking on the latest single, Anna comments:

“I wrote Why Not very fast in the spirit of the moment. The lyrics however were challenging to write because I wanted them to be cutting but also funny; so to make it work I had to maintain a high tension between precision and delirious ranting.”

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