Toulouse-Blagnac Airport : great brands for the future commercial area.


Toulouse-Blagnac Airport has chosen the retailers for the commercial space that will open in 2018 in the boarding area. It is an offering that breaks with the past, reflecting a desire to meet the expectations of passengers and the growth of international traffic at the Toulouse platform.

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Highest retailers

17 shops (10 currently),

15 eateries (8 this year)

– And a duty free enlarged from 680m² to 1,850m²

Toulouse-Blagnac airport is thinking big to accompany the increase in traffic and to meet the expectations of travellers attracted by the growing offering of destinations. The expansion works underway* will allow for the development of a much larger commercial area (5,000m² compared to 850m² currently available in the departure lounge of Halls C and D), where many well-known brands will be making their arrival.

It is an offering that passengers will gradually see from April 2018 and through to the end of the year, at the end of the development work.

« International traffic is growing strongly at the airport because of numerous openings of routes to Europe and the rest of the world, » explains Jean-Michel Vernhes, chairman of the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport Executive board. « And so we will be adapting our commercial offering to this increase in traffic by offering passengers major international brands, such as Starbucks, but also the brands which make up the identity of our region and its art of living, for example, J’Go, the well-known Toulouse restaurant, » says Mr Vernhes.

« The airport wanted to innovate with new brands to improve the customer experience. Passengers will have access to brands that are not available in Toulouse, such as Pret A Manger (fast casual food), TOUS (Catalan jewellery) as well as Factory & co (gourmet burgers), Victoria’s Secret (perfume & lingerie) and others that cannot be found in any other French airport today, such as RITUALS (cosmetics and high-end skincare) or J’Go (‘bistronomic’), » says Bruno Balerdi, non-aeronautical revenue development director at ATB.

The other original development is that in the commercial area, we will showcase the contrast of Toulouse that brings together high-tech and quality of life, and attracts so many new inhabitants every year. A concrete example of this driving idea is the duty free zone: it will extend over 1,850m², which is very significant for a regional airport!

Why? Beyond the traditional ‘alcohol-tobacco-perfumes’ found in all airport duty frees, we will be adding a range of the best regional products. »

It is a major change

The current offering will be completely overhauled in the departure lounge with 5,000m² of duty free and shops, as well as in the catering area where the diversity of the brands will guarantee attractive prices and varied formulas (takeaway, coffee shops, table service, burgers, etc.). Another advantage: prices in the commercial area will be close to those found in the city centre of Toulouse and will be augmented by numerous promotions throughout the year.

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ATB has granted concessions to Dufry, AREAS (Elior group), Lagardère Travel Essential, Lagardère Travel Retail and independent brands. They will be partners with the airport for developing the activities of the commercial space and ensuring the presence of the following brands:


STARBUCKS, coffee shop (AREAS) accessible to everyone, on the Arrivals level

PRET A MANGER fast casual (Lagardère/exclusive in Toulouse)

FACTORY & CO, gourmet burgers (AREAS/exclusive in Toulouse)

SUPER WILD COFFEE (2 points of sale), coffee shop and fast food with freshly prepared products (AREAS/ exclusive in French airports)

J’GO (2 points of sale), counter/fine foods and bistronomic restaurant (Lagardère/exclusive in airport)

MAS Q MENOS, tapas restaurant (AREAS/exclusive in French airports)

VICTOR, regional products bar from the Toulouse market V.Hugo (AREAS/exclusive in French airports)

ERIC KAYSER (2 points of sale), artisanal bakery (Lagardère/exclusive in Toulouse

PANORAMA, seated eating/co-working space (AREAS), accessible to everyone on the Departures level

TRIB’S, self-service and assisted fast food (Lagardère)

POP-UP bar (operated by Lagardère), including Maison Pariès (Basque pastries), Yummy & Guiltfree (fresh gluten-free waffles), Zumo (juice bar), O Sorbet d’Amour (homemade ice cream)

LIGHT BAR, coffee shop and outdoor terrace in the boarding lounge (AREAS, exclusive in Toulouse).


RITUALS, cosmetics & well-being (exclusive in French airports)

TOUS, jewellery & luggage (exclusive in Toulouse and in French airports)

VICTORIA SECRET fashion accessories (exclusive in Toulouse)

LA TETE DANS LES ETOILES & LOOPING, games & entertainment around the themes of aeronautics and space, a concept created specifically by Lagardère for Toulouse-Blagnac airport

PARFOIS, fashion accessories (2nd shop in French airports)

THE FASHION PLACE, multi-brand fashion boutique, concept specific to Lagardère

STADE TOULOUSAIN, fashion and sportswear accessories

RELAY (5 outlets), press, books, grocery & fresh products (Casino Shop) and travel essentials (Lagardère)

DONJON, jewellery, watch-making, existing store, accessible to everyone on the Departures level

FNAC, electronics, telephony, existing store, accessible to everyone on the Departures level

AELIA BEAUTE, perfumery, cosmetics (Lagardère), existing store, accessible to everyone on the Departures level

DECOUVRIR LE SUD-OUEST/STADE TOULOUSAIN, gourmet food products, regional products and sportswear (Lagardère), existing store, accessible to everyone on the Departures level

TIE RACK, luggage, bags, fashion accessories, existing store, accessible to everyone on the Departures level.

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* Boarding gate in Hall A dedicated to low-cost and regional companies, 4-star hotel connected to the terminal, extension of Hall D.

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