What is a blogger?

As often it is easier to say what is not a blogger before you get to the set. The blogger is neither a writer nor a journalist, but then, who is he

What is a blogger?

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The writer is for me the profession of a person who uses literary writing. The writer is the author of literary works as a painter is the author of his paintings.

A person who practices a trade and became the author of a novel should be considered as a writer. My interpretation would be to say no, but we are at the border and both answers make sense.

Finally, it is perhaps the concerned person who has the answer.


Being a journalist is also a profession. Whether for writing press, radio or television he will produce articles or reports on a given topic. His work requires gathering information, checking them and then he needs to a subject with a certain point of view. I place myself of course in the case of professional journalism (Articles L7111-3 , L7111-4 and L7112-1 of the Labour Code )

The Commission of the Identity Card of Professional Journalists (CCIJP) issues the press card.


Already I hesitate with spelling. I think bloggeur is used in French and blogger is in English (United States), but I could be wrong, however you could give me your opinion in comments.

Until now, I consider that the blogger profession does not exist.

An ordinary person

The blog gives the opportunity to the common man to be able to write articles on subjects of which he is master of choice. He can share his passions (cooking, fashion, photography, literature, lifestyle… ) or can express political, associative, religious commitment. In short, he has something to say and his drive of communication will be the web -log (to understand read again this article).


As can read and write, he will provide texts on a subject in order to be understood and to provide information, or more precisely his opinion on the subject he has chosen. He may, like the journalist he is not, make research (and if he gives references, his opinion will have even more power) .

Moreover when he engages in a more professionally way of writing, he must take into account the SEO aspect if he wishes that his article is well referenced by search engines. This is not an obligation, you may just want to share your day with your relationships and through this medium.

A social person.

Write content is a good point. It is even the basis of blogging. Do understand that when I mention content I include the writing text, photo, quote, video or audio.

Then, following your goal you may want to be read by as many people as possible (that is my case and I assume it). It is then necessary today to be social, I mean to have an account on the main social networks and especially to be active on them.

Being active means sharing your contents, but also taking time to read and share similar contents. The blogger should create an appropriate social network for the scope of his articles to be good and relevant.

It is not an obligation, it depends on the aspirations of everyone.

An almost free person

Being the boss of his blog gives great freedom. Content, frequency of publication and sharing belong to you.

Nevertheless, it is important to know the limits of this freedom. For example, if the blogger becomes a bad troll, he can be pursued (same for racist, sexist, xenophobic remarks..) . He must also respect the intellectual property rights.

Finally, he must be aware that blogging can become an addiction, which is difficult to define.

And for you?

  • Blogging is it a trade?
  • Do you consider yourself as a journalist because you have a blog?
  • Is holding a blog a drug?

French version

Translated by Carrie

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