Hashtag to effectively share our favourite themes

Is a sharing without hashtag similar to a banana split without whipping cream or a burger without fries? Our Canadian francophone friends have certainly put a dose of poetry by translating this Anglicism by word-click. But what are the hashtags you use.


Share with suitable hashtags

Visibility is constructed

If giving visibility to your shares on social networks does not interest you, then this article will be useless for you.

On the other hand if you regularly share your publications, this chronicle is there, not to state rules, but to discuss the use you make of hashtags through those used by Bernieshoot Blog Webzine.

How to choose your hashtags

By doing a quick search on the web, you will not fail to find free or paid tools to guide you in an effective choice of hashtags.

Everyone can get an idea of his tools by using them. Another option is to discover those that match you and that will allow you to discover publications around your favourite topics by simply clicking on the hashtag.

The basis of this reflection is based on daily use of Instagram to post a photo and ask a question.

Photo of the day: #picoftheday

There are multiple choices to see what is the picture of the day of the accounts you follow, but also those who, like you, like sharing a picture of the day.

#picoftheday is quite popular and publications are often recent which ensures that those who post them are active.

Question of the day: #questionoftheday

Again, it is not a hashtag behind the bundles, it is there to share a question you have in mind and you want to know what the Net surfers think.

The answers are interesting to read and are an interesting snapshot. I am interested only in pointless questions about sharing good humour. No question of giving grief on controversial subjects.

Life is the ideal day: #lovelife

It is the last one on the list following a question of the day that asked for your favourite hashtag. This word-click is certainly the one that releases the most desire to share our little happiness daily.

Excess of hashtags harms your shares

As always the abuse is never good. As I was able to read on No-Tuxedo's blog, limit yourself to three or four hashtags, but always share with hashtags to extend the visibility of your publications.

Depending on the subject, it may be useful to watch on Twitter, which is the most popular hashtag and include it in your share. For example for aviation fans AvGeek (Aviation Geek) is perfect.

For our challenge "Monday Sun" two hashtags are possible:

  • #MondaySolar
  • #SunnyMonday (very popular on Instagram)

A Canadian emotion

Using in the title "Mot-déclic" instead of "hashtag", I wanted to make a nod to our Canadian friend Magda and to take part in her "Photo du Dimanche" challenge.

Translated by Carrie

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