Does Blogging support a relaxed punctuation?

Must blogging, can blogging allow itself to support a relaxed punctuation? The lazy, careless will tell you yes. Do we risk a plea pro punctis comma?

Plea pro Punctis comma

Plea pro Punctis comma

Plea pro Punctis comma

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Pro Punctis comma


We do not want, we do not know how to punctuate. One explanation is probably related to the fact that writing is no longer used to send handwritten letters, but to share on social networks.


French language reforms also have a responsibility to the extent that very often the objective was to put at ease the common man.


The articles (included mine) on blogs are no exception to this slackening. As far as we know, should we be satisfied with this situation?


Punctuate brand self-discipline


As spelling, punctuation is a clean style and we could even talk about a luxury. Respecting the punctuation requests an effort, a discipline and a rigorous method.


Those who have not been disciplined with this rigorous method produce texts that tell us a lot about their personality. The points and commas have a moral value.


Value  » meaningful punctuation from a pause, melodic or tonal


The intelligence of many passages depends very frequently from a moving of a comma. If the simple game punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence, is that the full stops and commas are not just graphics devices.


Punctuation is similar to crotchets rests or pauses in music.


In spoken language, pauses, intonations or gestures are resources to clarify his thoughts, opinion and thus to nuance all of them.


In written language, the commas and periods will enable the reader to discover and understand the thinking of the author. It sets the pace for the reader. Creating pause, being melodic or tonal, and the punctuation gives sensitivity to written language.


Some tips


Suspension points


The suspension points come in a three as the three canes of the (French children) song. It is quite incongruous to align a stack.


Solitary Points


Question mark or exclamation is always solo. Certainly we regularly find many exclamation points that follow, three (why?) in general. Shouldn’t we, indeed, be a little stingier with exclamation point in our writings?


This also happens with the question mark, but could three question marks provide faster response to the Editor rather than only one?


Essential tool for the blogger


Blogging is a written language where the writer is trying to convey recommendations, opinions, and emotions. Punctuation remains an essential tool for the blogger if he wants his message to be properly understood and does not lead to a divorce with his visitors.

french version of this post

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