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The SOUND DWELLERS is an energetic emerging duo of two great talents representing different musical universes: Stephen Ellington, a London-based producer / DJ with sharp talent and Sheppard Solomon, who has earned the reputation as the most « European » of American songwriters.  Together, they pooling their skill and talent to design an explosive electro-pop sound.

Sound Dwellers - U ONLY bernieshoot

The Sound Dwellers

The artists met through a chance meeting online, and the artistic collaboration naturally caught fire.  Both Ellington and Solomon have worked with a wide variety of established, well-known musical talent which has allowed them to bring their own experiences to the project.  Each track from their upcoming album is fresh and delightful, delivering a sparkling, energetic sound with clever off-beats.

Following their first track « Castles », Sound Dwellers pushes forward with the seething « U Only », which has been aired on more than a hundred radio stations while also crossing over into the n • 8 of the charts club (News Week) in the United Kingdom.

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Sound Dwellers - U ONLY sad love bernieshoot

Stephen Ellington

London DJ / Producer Stephen Ellington has had the opportunity to work, produce and / or mix artists such as Ayah Marah K Warren Zee Asha and Mc Fizzy Ragga Twins Joe Killington Scott Garcia & Pied Piper.

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Stephen Ellington

Sheppard Solomon

A real creative force hides behind renowned artists such as Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, Natalie Imbruglia, Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, Céline Dion, Eternal, S Club 7, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Dash Berlin, Johnny Hallyday and this list is not exhaustive with more than 140 titles to his credit.  He has also won 2 awards, a BRIT and a BMI Award.

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Sheppard Solomon
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Sound Dwellers – U Only (Coral) Official Video

U Only (Sad Love)

Exclusive interview of Stephen Ellington

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Stephen Ellington

Bernie: Hi Stephen!  How did you formed the duo and what inspired you the name Sound Dwellers?

Stephen: Glad to meet you !  Well Shep and I met via a chance meeting and very quickly realised we  had similar goals and creative aspirations. We then started the duo and debut album.

The name Sound Dwellers arose during to this lockdown period when we started making music.  It actually kept us sane and focused.  The Dwellers name  stuck as we were living in the studio like burrowing animals.

Bernie: What’s your opinion on the evolution of the music scene ?

Stephen: This has so many layers we could go on about this for hours.  But right now, it seems the music industry is in a unique place.  The internet and technology has made it possible for unknown musical talent to compete with the biggest global artist.

Bernie: What inspired and makes the track « U ONLY » so special ?

Stephen: Well there were two amazing twins sisters from Canada that sing on this for us.  They are so cool to work with!  The vocals they did and powerful lyrics made it one of our faves.  We had an idea to pay homage to Stephen’s roots in the UK garage scene and take elements from drum sounds from that era, but at a house tempo.

The result is an exciting soulful sing-along track with some sad tones and is not genre bound.

Bernie: Who were your first idols and whom did you prefer working with in the past ?

Stephen: Well my first idols were underground artist from my pirate radio days.  Collecting vinyl, going to different shops over London was so much fun.  Mjcole Tuff jam and Sunship spring to mind straight away.  They have all produced music with that sprinkle of magic.  Back then, we went on to work with K Warren, The Ragga Twins and Britney.  What a Broad collection!  Currently, Shep Solomon is wonderful to collaborate with.  He is so professional, gifted and easy going, it’s unbelievable !


Bernie: How did Covid interfered with Sound Dwellers ?

Stephen: We actually spoke about this a few days ago.  We think it helped keep us focused and sane and didn’t interfere at the moment.  It inspires us to get creative and experiment in the studio and complete two thirds of our debut album.  It gave us time to not feel rushed.  The clubs being shut globally was a massive loss for everyone involved but fingers crossed this will be changing again soon.

Bernie: What’s your musical philosophy of life ?

Stephen: We have been collectively producing writing and DJ’ing for over 20 years.  In that time our musical tastes and approaches have certainly changed, but at the root of our music must-haves are a story to tell a song with substance, fresh production and at the end, something rememberable that feels like it belongs …

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U Only (V.I.P)

U Only (Coral)

U Only (Distant Dotz)

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  1. Very impressive duo, interesting interview and some great tracks in that showreel including the single « U ONLY » and its remix which are perfect to lift the spirits !

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