Madrugada the first single of Mattia Salvadori (feat. C_loud)

Madrugada has the flavor of dawn, of the sea and palm trees, of a run in the rain, of a djset at sunset.

bernieshoot Mattia Salvadori

Madrugada: first single of Mattia Salvadori

Madrugada was born from the collaboration between Mattia Salvadori and C_Loud aka Leila. An instrumental track where research, sound design and the influences of the authors are the real protagonists.

Without virtuosity, a vortex where the jazzy sounds of the trumpet mix with the purely electronic ones of synths, where swinging drums blend with modern hiphop rhythms.

The track was born as a creative wish, from the enthusiasm of co-producing an electronic and modern sound with continuous vintage references.

madrugada (feat. C_loud)

The track was mixed by Mattia Salvadori, mastered by Marco Gorini, published and distributed by Danda. Artwork by Leila Bahlouri.

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