Mauve, dark purple colour extracted from the violet, is a dye used in fashion and which is a hair colour that does not go unnoticed. "Let the enemies tremble, because the Virgin protects Parma", a motto of this city situated between the plain of the Pô and the chain of the Apennines, Parma associated with the fragrant violet which is the theme of the photo challenge Sunny Monday.

Let the enemies tremble, because the Virgin protects Parma

Let the enemies tremble, because the Virgin protects Parma

Heart Parme

Parma to smile

Why not fall into the ease, for the opening of the mauve theme of February. As a wink to broaden your smile and undoubtedly the one of first hour subscribers.

A flower with a mauve heart to begin the week with a huge smile.

To cheer up

After a weekend where the weather has been catastrophic, displaying a flower reminds that spring will soon begin to point the tip of its nose.

Let's create an atmosphere of well being to cheer up the gloominess of the sky.

To charm

There are smiles that say more than words between two strangers or in a couple that discovers itself. The reciprocal smile is the expression of feelings, which are not yet expressed by words or by a becoming closer.

Sometimes, on a train, an airplane, in the street two unknowns look at each other and start a smile. A feeling as personal as ephemeral. These two people will very often remain strangers, but this moment to "them" will long remain as a corner of blue sky.

Translated by Carrie