Three tricks to lighten the mood of a meeting

« Seminaritis » is sometimes considered as an illness and lost time. Ability to manage a meeting is also to have in his pocket a few tip to defuse and avoid blockage.

Three tricks to lighten the mood of a meeting

Three tricks to lighten the mood of a meeting

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Tips to loosen the atmosphere of a meeting

A small coffee?

Business meetings are naturally a tool to increase efficiency and to advance projects. But when discussions become strained, tips to defuse are not useless.

My first tip is so simple that you can put into practice quickly.

« Shall we take a coffee?  » is a proposal that will relieve everyone. The ideal and this is increasingly the case in all services, is to have a machine with Gourmesso capsules of coffee.

Thus you are going to ask each participant the coffee that would please him/her. The conversation will take another twist as you will be on another relational approach.

Of course there will be one who does not drink coffee and would prefer a glass of water or tea, but the goal you have understood is to be out of the room and reduce tensions.

Resuming the meeting, the problems will not be solved, but a relaxed atmosphere will help to soothe disagreements and will let them on a technical point of view.

Smile to defuse

It’s so easy to smile and yet how many times have I seen around a table faces tense because we did not agree.

You can even have people who need to express their disagreement gestural. In general this mainly marks a particular form of incompetence and faced with this situation, responding with a natural smile and developing your argument (if you do not have it, the smile will not be enough) will tip the scales in your camp.

The smile will also show that you are human and you are able to differentiate a professional disagreement from a personal one.

Improve your image

Sometimes everything is played at the beginning of meeting. Almost everyone arrives on time and if you animate the meeting you definitely came first.

As and when the participants arrive, take time to say hello to all of them with a little friendly word. Remember anyone, especially those who are your future opponents.

By doing so you will develop an image both professional and objective, as you will have the ability to speak to everyone without exception.

Locked in a logic of destruction is very harmful and often leads nowhere. Faced with those who have this attitude, your positive image will not make them change (alas pests only know how to be harmful), but other participants know that you can put things in perspective.

World Meeting

My world was one of the meetings for years and sometimes as the cover photo that’s my Sunday picture we came out puzzled from a meeting.

And how do you relax the atmosphere of a meeting?


Translated by Carrie

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