Perfect Yachts: Bringing the Dream of the Ideal Sea Journey to Reality

Imagine yourself sailing on a luxury yacht, sailing the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea between the delightful Greek islands from one famous landmark to another.

Perfect Yachts © Christos Tzoutis
© Christos Tzoutis


Perfect Yachts

The gentle sun caresses your skin, the light sea breeze blows your hair, and the attentive and caring crew do their best to make your voyage as comfortable as possible and create the most positive memories. Don’t leave this perfect vision to your imagination.

Trust Perfect Yachts to make this dream of an ideal sailing trip a reality. Because this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Yacht Charter Services in Europe goes the extra mile to meet the clients' highest expectations.

The luxury yacht charter company Perfect Yachts is led by owner and CEO Artemis Georgatou and Managing Director Vangelis Tampakopoulos. Both Ms. Georgatou and Mr. Tampakopoulos share a love of the sea from an early age, which led them to create their own company.

A sincere passion for seafaring is a trait common to all the hard-working team members that they strive to share and inspire every traveler. At the same time, it makes Perfect Yachts more than a charter, but a family of dedicated and experienced professionals where new friends and guests are always welcome. All the experiences the company offers are filled with respect, appreciation, and great attention to the tiniest details that set it apart from the competitors.

Perfect Yachts has two bases, Olympic Marine and Lavrio Marine, located in Lavrio in the southeast of Attica. Thanks to their convenient location, both company bases are easily accessible from Athens Airport in just 25 minutes.

The Perfect Yachts team is committed to providing clients with a perfect experience from the first to the last moment, and that experience starts with comfortable and fully equipped bases. The VIP Lounge, a reception area, secure luggage storage facilities, parking, WCs, showers, sunshades, and comfortable seats await them. The bases are designed in such a way that they are the best place to start the dream trip.

In order to offer clients the ideal boat and itinerary, Perfect Yachts carefully evaluates clients' preferences and expectations by means of questionnaires, emails, and direct phone calls. It allows the company to offer options that are guaranteed to ensure an unforgettable trip for the company's guests.

The company's impressive fleet of luxury yachts deserves special attention from the experts of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Prioritizing quality over quantity, Perfect Yachts has a privately-owned and impeccably equipped fleet of monohulls and catamarans.

All boats provide a luxurious feeling and have everything for comfortable and safe sailing. They are well maintained and equipped with air-conditioning, generator, water maker, dinghy with outboard engine. All this, together with the impeccable service from the charter crew, creates the atmosphere of a floating 5-star luxury hotel.

On one of these boats, you can take an unforgettable voyage to the Cyclades and Ionian Islands, visit the famous ancient sites and discover the most picturesque spots of Greece. Perfect Yachts offers half-day and one-day cruises, as well as 7-, 14- and 21-day routes, for which you can also book additional services including transfers, hotel arrangements and activities, city or island tours, gastronomy and wine tasting, and sailing lessons.

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  1. Autrefois mon fils louait un voilier à la Rochelle pour une semaine. Mon mari ou moi y allions avec lui à tour de rôle à cause de nos chiens et c’était formidable !

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