The Upcoming Cultural Season at the Van Gogh Museum and The Mesdag Collection

The Van Gogh Museum reopened on 1 June, and, as our visitors’ and staff health is of the utmost importance to us, we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that your visit is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

berniehsoot Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Credit: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (photo by Tomek Dersu Aaron)

Upcoming Cultural Season at the Van Gogh Museum and The Mesdag Collection

The 1.5 metre distance rule applies throughout the museum, the number of tickets available each day is limited, hygiene and safety measures have been taken and, should you have any symptoms on the day of your visit, you can reschedule your ticket free of charge.

Please book a start time for your visit when you buy your tickets on

The exhibition In the Picture has been extended until 30 August. Due to corona, the museum programme for 2020-2021 has been adjusted.

berniehsoot Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam space for safe
Credit: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (photo by Tomek Dersu Aaron)

Upcoming Cultural Season at the Van Gogh Museum

 ‘Your Loving Vincent’: Van Gogh’s Greatest Letters

9 October 2020 until 10 January 2021, exhibition wing
In this autumn exhibition, the museum will explore how, besides being a talented artist, Vincent van Gogh was also an enthusiastic letter writer.
With at least 875 documents, the Van Gogh Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s letters (the complete correspondence of Vincent van Gogh consists of some 930 letters and associated documents) but, due to their fragility, these letters are rarely put on public display.
‘Your loving Vincent’: Van Gogh’s Greatest Letters offers visitors the opportunity to view 40 of Vincent van Gogh’s greatest letters alongside iconic artworks such as The Bedroom (1888), The Sower (1888) and The Potato Eaters (1885).
Until recently, the museum collection did not contain any letters written by Van Gogh to Emile Bernard, but this changed with the acquisition of letter 716, which Van Gogh wrote with his artist friend Paul Gauguin. This letter is acquired by the Vincent van Gogh Foundation for the collection of the Van Gogh Museum and will be on display for the first time in this exhibition.


Van Gogh Inspires: Jean-Luc Mylayne

11 September 2020 to 14 February 2021, third floor of the permanent collection
From 11 September, a presentation of artworks by Jean-Luc Mylayne will be on display at the Van Gogh Museum. Especially for the presentation Van Gogh Inspires: Jean-Luc Mylayne, the French artist has selected three singular photographic works, two of which have never been on display before.

These two works, N.331 and N.332, April – May 2005, are inspired by the art of Vincent van Gogh and will now be exhibited alongside his paintings, selected by Mylayne himself for this presentation.
The presentation coincides with the travelling retrospective of Mylayne’s work, The Autumn of Paradise, on display at Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography, from 10 September.
The presentation is the latest instalment of the Van Gogh Inspires series, featuring presentations of work by modern and contemporary artists.

In this series, the Van Gogh Museum reveals how numerous generations of artists have been inspired by Van Gogh’s work.

The Van Gogh Inspires presentations are on display in the final gallery of the permanent collection on the third floor.


Erratic Growth

From 7 October 2020, first floor of the permanent collection 
For the presentation Erratic Growth, four Beeldbrekers have selected several paintings and letters by Vincent van Gogh in which they recognise themselves.

The Beeldbrekers (literally: breakers of the image) are a group of young Amsterdammers who are offering their own perspectives and expertise to help make the Van Gogh Museum more inclusive.

In this personal presentation, the Beeldbrekers highlight the fact that Van Gogh’s personal and artistic progress was not always linear or positive, and explore how it relates to their own experiences.


Here to Stay. Exploring 10 Years of Acquisitions

February 2021 to May 2021, exhibition wing
Next spring, the Van Gogh Museum will present the exhibition Here to stay. Exploring 10 Years of Acquisitions with artworks acquired by the museum over the last 10 years to make the collection and its story more complete.

These artworks are here to stay. The collection contains more than just work by Van Gogh, something not everyone knows.

Displaying these fairly unknown and unparalleled artworks with their own stories, including those of the artists, curators, art restorers, former owners and modern-day Amsterdammers, Here to Stay will offer a wealth of objects and perspectives.


Van Gogh Inspires: Jan Robert Leegte

From mid–February 2021, third floor of the permanent collection
From February 2021, the series Van Gogh Inspires will feature work by Dutch artist Jan Robert Leegte, in which Leegte offers a new approach to nature and landscape.

Instead of the tradition of ‘plein air’ painting, as Van Gogh and his contemporaries did, Leegte uses an algorithm to explore the wilderness of the internet and to mine random photographs of nature.

Once an image has been found, the algorithm compresses it to a digital impression of the landscape. Since the algorithm mines images continuously, Leegte’s work consists of an endless sequence of algorithmic impressions.
The presentation will be on display from mid-February 2021.


Upcoming Cultural Season at The Mesdag Collection

The Mesdag Collection in The Hague features an outstanding selection of 19th century art, collected by Hendrik Willem Mesdag and his wife, Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten.

The Mesdag Collection has been part of the Van Gogh Museum Foundation since 1990.


Mancini. Eccentric & Extravagant

Until 20 September 2020
The exhibition Mancini. Eccentric & Extravagant shows a range of work by Italian artist Antonio Mancini (1831–1915), including depictions of Italian circus boys, wonderful portraits of his international patrons, and accurate self-portraits.

The Dutch public was surprised how modern Mancini’s paintings were. From around 1883, for instance, Mancini – one of the most important Italian painters of his time – incorporated shiny pieces of glass and metal into his paintings. Recognising Mancini’s talent, The Hague painter and collector Hendrik Willem Mesdag shipped some 150 works by Mancini to the Netherlands over the course of 20 years, to display and sell. Mancini. Eccentric & Extravagant offers a fascinating view of the world of Mancini, including Mesdag and the salons of The Hague, as well as members of the British and Irish privileged class, whom Mancini portrayed in their opulent mansions.

The Network of Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten. Female Artists in The Mesdag Collection

Saturday 26 September 2020 to Sunday 14 February 2021
This autumn, The Mesdag Collection will display nine powerful works by female artists that have not often been displayed and show the importance of Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten to female artists in the late 19th-century Netherlands.

The nine works, from the museum’s own collection, include work by Thérèse Schwartze and Suze Robertson. The works highlight how far ahead of their time Sientje and her husband, seascape painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag, were.

Together, they built a large collection of artworks, which they housed at Museum Mesdag (now The Mesdag Collection) in The Hague. A large number of works in their collection was by female artists, many of whom were personal friends. Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten was an artist herself, and her work is also part of the presentation.
This presentation will be realised thanks to the generous support of the Rembrandt Association and the Turing Foundation.

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