Star Cruises Supports the Preservation and Development of Longquan Celadon

Following on the widely acclaimed, first-ever Longquan Celadon theme cruise on SuperStar Virgo, Star Cruises is collaborating with Mr. Chen Hua, one of the most iconic contemporary Longquan celadon masters from Zhejiang province, where the craft originated, to launch limited-edition Star Cruises Longquan Celadon Tea Sets that will be exclusively available on board SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Aquarius and Star Pisces from November onwards. In addition, two Longquan Celadon masterpieces by Master Chen will make their worldwide debut and will be auctioned off on board SuperStar Virgo on 7 November.

limited-edition Star Cruises Tea Set “丽星”限量款龙泉青瓷茶具
Limited-edition Star Cruises Tea Set “丽星”限量款龙泉青瓷茶具


Star Cruises Supports the Preservation and Development of Longquan Celadon

Launch of limited-edition Star Cruises Tea Sets by Longquan celadon master Chen Hua

Mr. Ang Moo Lim, President of Star Cruises says, “As the pioneer in the Asian cruise industry for 25 years and counting, Star Cruises always looks for new and innovative ways to incorporate elements of Chinese heritage in our world-class cruising experience and our collaboration with Master Chen Hua on his latest collection, the limited-edition Star Cruises Longquan Celadon Tea Sets which will be launched on board our cruise ships, is the perfect example.

We are pleased to be working with the Shanghai Aobin Trading Corporation Limited and Shanghai Diancui Cultural Development Center to further promote the rich cultural and artistic heritage of China and to introduce this fascinating art form to our guests.”


Longquan celadon has long been regarded as the finest celadon ware produced in China and has played an important role in the Maritime Silk Road as part of the country’s export economy for hundreds of years.

Over the past 1,700 years, Longquan celadon has been known for their stylistic and technical attributes, as well as their distinctive hues. Mr. Chen Hua is one of the leading Longquan celadon artists who excel in shaping and coloring techniques.

He has incorporated the distinctive funnel design of Star Cruises’ ships in the creation of Star Cruises Longquan Celadon Tea Sets, an excellent keepsake for guests to appreciate the beauty of Longquan celadon, as well as a memento of their voyage with Star Cruises.


longquan Celadon Master Chen Hua
Longquan Celadon Master Chen Hua

Two brand-new Longquan celadon masterpieces by Master Chen will also make their worldwide debut at an auction to be hosted aboard SuperStar Virgo on 7 November.

Inspired by the traditional designs of Chinese ritual bronzes, Master Chan created two ceramic pieces that showcase the essence of two ancient art forms in Chinese heritage: the elegant features of ritual bronzes, as well as the distinctive green-glaze of Longquan celadon.


Throughout the month of November, guests can enjoy an immersive dining experience at SuperStar Virgo’s Silk Road Chinese Restaurant, featuring a 360-degree appreciation of the arts, crafts and culture from Longquan.

Signature delicacies from the region, such as locally-grown fungus, are prepared to perfection by celebrity chefs from Longquan and the award-winning culinary team of Star Cruises, all served on Longquan celadon ceramics amidst décor punctuated by Longquan swords – offering a feast for both the palate and the eyes.


SuperStar Virgo currently homeports in Qingdao and offers 4-night cruises to the food capitals of Kyushu: Kagoshima, Fukuoka and Nagasaki.

Upon completion of her homeport season in Xiamen, SuperStar Gemini will call Kuala Lumpur home, offering 3-night cruises to Phuket, Penang and Langkawi, while SuperStar Aquarius offers weekly cruises to the Okinawan islands of Miyakojima and Ishigaki from her homeport in Keelung, Taiwan.

For those who travel to Hong Kong, Star Pisces offers a convenient location in the heart of the city with incomparable views of Victoria Harbor.

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