The tubes of summer, thanks for this moment musical

The month of June rhymes with music, especially since 1982 and the creation of the festival of music, June also announces the summer with these unavoidable tubes that will make sing, dance, and even more if affinities.


Summer Hits

Summer and music: a close relationship

We know, and this study on the French, music and piano confirms it, music is an element of our daily life from our conception. Of course, we are sensitive to the concerts and tours of our favourite bands or singers.


The summer has a special relationship with music since it delivers us each year its summer tube. Today we offer a totally subjective verbatim, we assume, in relation to years and songs.


1957 The Platters "Only you"

60 years old, already, that the Platters have delivered this mythical slow "Only You" composed by Buck Ram which is certainly a ballad (yes with two "l" because it is not a walk) romantic American , worldwide. :

"Only you can make this change in me

For it's true, you are my destiny

When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do

You're my dream come true, my one and only you … "


1979 Laurent Voulzy "The Grenadine heart"

The end of the Seventies sees the disco impose itself like the style to the method. Sentimental and poetic words in which the singer tells us that his heart is elsewhere, is that the heart of Grenadine?

"I have heart grenadine oh …

I have heart grenadine

No sun on my skin

I spend, I spend, I spend nights, nights … "


2012 Bruce Springsteen: Rocky Ground

Rocky Ground is the second song on Wrecking Ball's album, Bruce Springsteen surprises with his video, which is a kind of handwritten video where we see the text of the song being written as the lyrics.

"We've been travelling over rocky ground, rocky ground

We've been travelling over rocky ground, rocky ground

We've been travelling over rocky ground, rocky ground

We've been travelling over rocky ground, rocky ground … "


Eclectic Verbatim?

You are at Bernieshoot Blog Webzine so as for its editorial line, we have chosen what appeared to us the most representative with a resolutely optimistic angle.

Summer, sun, holidays maybe, so why not take the time to indulge yourself.

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Translated by Carrie

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