Major Milestone Met

Cadmos Microsystems S.r.l. has successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test on a large ISS Recording and Replay system that includes 177 recording units that are to be installed at the new Kuala Lumpur Area Control Centre (KL-ACC) in Malaysia.

ISS Copyright Cadmos Microsystems S.r.l.
ISS Copyright Cadmos Microsystems S.r.l.

Major Milestone Met

CADMOS successfully completes Factory Acceptance Test on Schedule


ISS was selected by Leonardo S.p.A. which serves as the prime contractor for the delivery of a new ATC/ATM environment to the Department of Civil Aviation of Malaysia (DCA). As part of that delivery Cadmos will supply its ISS to operate as the legal recording solution for both voice and “at-the-glass” display on each ATC Controller Working Position.

The Cadmos ISS is a suite of products that capture voice, data, and visual ATC information to record, store, synchronize and replay critical ATC information at the “click of a button”. ISS allows managers to request any information that has been recorded from any location on the network and play it in their own playback positions. Furthermore, investigators and 3rd party personnel can be delivered a read-only copy of the recorded data for investigation purposes. The suite is designed to meet ICAO SARPs requirements and has also been certified for ED137B protocol.

The successful tests were completed ahead of schedule in the presence of Leonardo and DCA personnel and were passed without any issues. Installation and commissioning work is now set to commence in order to complete the ambitious program in 2018.

Cadmos Microsystems S.r.l.

Cadmos Microsystems S.r.l. specializes in providing legal recording solutions for mission critical applications in the Air Traffic Control and Defence markets. Our technology is the only system that provides complete end-to-end recording and time synchronization of voice, data, and visual displays. Cadmos is trusted by its customers around the world to provide highly robust and reliable solutions and world-class service and support throughout the system lifecycle.

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Cadmos ISS – the new era of Air Traffic Control Recording & Play

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