UFA, Inc. delivers ATTower tower simulator solution for German Air Force Controller Training

UFA, Inc. (UFA), a leading provider of Air Traffic Simulation and Voice Technologies, announced that it has delivered its ATTower Training Solution to KAT GmbH, a subsidiary of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH. KAT is using ATTower to train German Air Force controllers in Kaufbeuren, Germany.

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UFA, Inc. delivers ATTower tower simulator solution FOR GERMAN AIR FORCE CONTROLLER TRAINING

ATTower system

UFA worked in close cooperation with KAT to deliver an ATTower system that added numerous features to meet the specific needs of the German Air Force. Air Force controllers will train on a new 360° projection system that includes multiple controller positions for Tower, Radar and PAR training. Realistic simulation of high performance aircraft and helicopters allows the German Air Force to train on complex military operations.

KAT joins a list of military customers such the US Navy, Army, Air Force, and Army National Guard; the Belgian Armed Forces; the Austrian Air Force; and the Israeli Air Force, all of whom use UFA products for controller training.

UFA CEO David Wolff commented, “We are excited to support KAT in its efforts to bring the highest-fidelity simulation systems to the German Air Force. Now Air Force controllers can use the same simulation technology that has proven so successful at other military organizations around the world.”

About UFA

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, UFA specializes in simulation and voice technology products and services for Air Traffic Management (ATM). UFA’s product line is in use around the world and includes ATTower, ATCoach®, ATView, ATRadio®, ATVehicle™, ATVoice®, ATWorld™, ATCloud™ and ATSpeak™.

UFA maintains an additional office in Gaithersburg, MD. The company’s wholly owned German subsidiary, ATCSim GmbH, is located in Mainz and Kaufbeuren, and also operates the ATCSim Innovation Center in Bavaria, Germany.

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