Why not treat yourself to a holiday?

Impossible to forget this date, it is today that spring arrives in time to forget the grisaille or the current nauseous news. Give yourself pleasure by focusing on your next vacation.

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Why not treat yourself to a holiday?

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Whether you are active or inactive, the "holiday" concept must remain in your mind and rhyme with pleasure. It's sad to hear pensioners say, "I'm on vacation all year." Thinking about holidays is a state of mind, a desire to break with his daily life.


Mood on holiday

When you are on holiday, if you really know how to unhook, disconnect from your daily routine, then your mood is totally "vacation".

This disconnection is both physical and mental. It does not necessarily imply a notion of distance or duration.

It should be recognized, however, that if you do not have the opportunity to take regular leave on a regular basis, then a three-week holiday break is necessary to have a true sense of the pleasure of being on vacation.


Think positive: holidays are coming soon

Holidays are coming soon. Everything is relative and for the August holidaymakers, the wait is almost synonymous with eternity. So take the lead if you are in this case and start planning your summer vacation.

Certainly, the trend is not to foresee anything and to leave on a whim at the last moment, but if you follow the news of the airlines, you can see that all have set up their summer program with attractive rates if you decide yourself now.

Of course if you plan to stay in your area and make small getaways then nothing presses. However, you can take the time to learn about the festivals, exhibitions or concerts that will unfold around you.


Spare time rhymes with leisure

To be on vacation is to have free time. Do not fall into procrastination during your free time. On the contrary, take the time to savour the hobbies that you cannot do on other days.

Leisure must be a pleasure. Reading, writing, visiting, discovering, blogging are real leisure activities if they lead you to a true sense of well-being.


Fancy beach and sea

Water is our theme of the month and this Monday Bernieshoot Blog Webzine has a real desire for sea, beach, hot sand and it feels good to think about all this Monday!


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