Adventure: Dostoyevsky adaptation from Kazakhstan


Filmatique's Post-Soviet Cinema Series continues with Adventure, Kazakh filmmaker Nariman Turebayev's third feature that premiered at Karlovy Vary.

Adventure, Nariman Turebayev (2014)

Credit photo Adventure, Nariman Turebayev (2014)


Marat is a young man living and working alone as a security guard in Almaty. His life is lonely, monotonous, mundane— until a young woman appears opposite his security post, four nights in a row.

Nariman Turebayev

Kazakh filmmaker Nariman Turebayev's third feature film translates the premise of Fydor Dostoyevsky's White Nights to the post-Soviet capital of Almaty, in a subtly brilliant study of modern loneliness and the geography— both physical and spiritual— of the USSR's legacy in Kazakhstan today. Adventure premiered at Karlovy Vary, Turin, and the Eurasia International Film Festival Almaty, where it won the FIPRESCI Prize.



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