Lamb: Ethiopia’s 2016 Oscar Submission

As part of February's Foreign Language Oscar Series, Filmatique is now screening Lamb, Ethiopia's official submission to the 2016 Academy Awards.


Lamb, Yared Zeleke (2015)

Lamb, Yared Zeleke (2015)


Ethiopia's 2016 Oscar Submission

Ephraim is a young boy living in the drought-stricken regions of Ethiopia. When his mother succumbs to famine, his family nucleus is ruptured.

Ephraim's father departs for better work in Addis Ababa, sending the boy to live with relatives in Ethiopia's yet verdant farmland.

Ephraim doesn't take to his new surroundings, especially considering his new family intends to slaughter Chuni, his beloved pet sheep, for an upcoming feast. Ephraim thus hatches a plan to escape back to his father's home.

Steeped in gorgeous landscapes and ethnographic detail, Lamb weaves a rich portrait of contemporary Ethiopian society through one boy's journey to survive on his own terms.

This accomplished feature film debut from filmmaker Yared Zeleke was the first Ethiopian film to ever premiere in Cannes' Official Selection, and the third film to ever be submitted by the country for the Foreign Language Oscar.

Interview with Yared Zeleke

In an exclusive interview with Filmatique, Yared Zeleke discusses displacement and diaspora in Ethiopia, the country's legacy of religious coexistence, a period of awakening on the African continent and his next project.



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