John Travolta and Harrison Ford gather to celebrate the 14th Annual « Living Legends of Aviation » Awards ®

John Travolta, the "Official Ambassador of Aviation," will host the 14th Annual "Living Legends of Aviation" Awards, held at the Beverly Hilton, January 20, 2017. The awards program starts with the "Flown West Tribute" to those Legends lost during 2016; Arnold Palmer, R.A. Bob Hoover and Doolittle Raider David Thatcher. The Legends would also like to acknowledge the recent passing of their colleague, Legend and friend Captain Eugene A. Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon.

credit photo John Travolta to host the 14th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards

credit photo John Travolta to host the 14th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards

14th Annual "Living Legends of Aviation" Awards ®

5 new inductees

The Legends will welcome 5 new inductees this year. The new inductees include

  • Ray Conner, Vice Chairman of Boeing Company,
  • Dr. Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus Group,
  • Elling Halvorson, founder and chairman of the board for Papillon Group, General
  • Mark Welsh III, recently retired Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force,
  • Nick Popovich, aviation repossession expert.


Phebe Novakovic, Chairwoman and CEO of General Dynamics, will receive the "Aviation Industry Leader of the Year Award." She has led General Dynamics on an extraordinarily successful path.

Aviator and actor Treat Williams will present Mark Kelly and Scott Kelly, twin brothers, astronauts and Navy Captains with the "Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award."

Scott Kelly broke two spaceflight records, one of which he currently holds for longest consecutive time for an American in space.

Mark Kelly is one of only four individuals who has visited the International Space Station on four different occasions.

Steve Hickock, President of Hickock and Associates, will receive the "Vertical Flight Hall of Fame Award," presented by Bell Helicopter. He became the first non-fed approved development of IFR GPS Helicopter procedures.

Peter Paul Luce, board member for "Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum" will receive the Harrison Ford Aviation Legacy Award." He has flown over 200 humanitarian missions with his MU2, delivering organs to hospitals for patients that were in dire need of organs to help save their life.

Clay Lacy, founder of Clay Lacy Aviation, will receive the "Bob Hoover Freedom of Flight Award." Lacy revolutionized air–to-air cinematography forever with Astrovision, a revolutionary camera system that could film 360 degrees with no altitude or speed restrictions. Astrovision made it possible for Lacy to film thousands of films for the military, film industry and television, including blockbusters Top Gun and Armageddon.

Air Lease Corp's Steven F. Udvar Hazy will present the Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award to Kenn Ricci, principal of Directional Aviation Capital, who has worked to revolutionize the fractional aircraft ownership industry, management and services.

Living Legends of Aviation Awards

Join the 14th Annual "Living Legends of Aviation Awards" and meet the Legends, honorees, inductees and fellow aviators. The Awards are produced by the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, a 501-c-3 non-profit organization whose mission it is to educate and spark children's interest in aviation. A limited number of seats are still available.

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