AeroCare Air Ambulance recently held their annual "Safety Days" training in all three base locations: Scottsdale, Chicago, and Ft. Lauderdale. Medical and flight crews, as well as members of the sales team and communication center, participated in the training which simulated an aircraft ditching in water.

credit photo Employees of AeroCare Air Ambulance participate in safety training.

credit photo Employees of AeroCare Air Ambulance participate in safety training.

AeroCare Simulates Water Ditching During Annual Safety Training

Specially built-training prop (simulator)

The simulation was accomplished by using a specially built-training prop (simulator) made to resemble the interior of a Learjet. The simulator was built to the specifications of one of AeroCare's existing Learjet air ambulances, right down to the exact measurements, seats, and safety belts. Crew also were provided with the standard aviation life jackets.

A scary experience

The simulation took place in a swimming pool at each location. Some of the crew and employees were a little apprehensive about being strapped in and flipped under water.

AeroCare Aeromedical Case Manager Jennifer Elaqad, who participated, said, "It was a scary experience. I have a new-found respect for our medical crews and pilots."

This training uses crew resource management during aircraft emergencies

AeroCare's Corporate Clinical Educator, Dave DiClementi, said,

"The simulator was flipped upside down with the crew members inside. They had to maintain situational awareness and escape from the simulator through the emergency exit.

Once outside of the simulator, their life jacket had to be properly worn and inflated. They then had to regroup and show proper techniques to conserve energy and maintain body temperature as a team. This training uses crew resource management during aircraft emergencies"

Safety number one priority

At AeroCare, safety is the number one priority. DiClementi said,

"This training is a small part of the training exercises that we do at AeroCare regarding safety. Safety training is important to inform our crews of the inherent risk of this type of work and to ensure their success if faced with a survival situation.

The more prepared our crews are in safety and survival, the more successful they will be for themselves as well as for our customers. Crew members have a better understanding of their own limitations and fears.

From a management perspective we gain an understanding of weaknesses which can help us better staff our flights so that our crew members can complement weakness with strengths."

About AeroCare Air Ambulance

Entering its 23nd year of operations, AeroCare Air Ambulance is a CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems) accredited fixed-wing air ambulance provider with bases in Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, and Scottsdale.

AeroCare provides air medical flights for patients throughout the world utilizing a fleet of medically-configured aircraft including: Learjet 31ER, Learjet 35A, Learjet 55.

AeroCare's 24-hour Communication Center can be reached by calling 800-823-1911 or if outside the US or Canada by calling +1 (630) 466-0900.

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