Japanese adolescent ennui, I Daniel Blake & more

About the Pink Sky, Keiishi Kobayashi (2016)

About the Pink Sky, Keiishi Kobayashi (2016)

Japanese adolescent ennui, I Daniel Blake & more

About the Pink Sky: A Portrait of Adolescent Ennui in Japan

Keiichi Kobayashi’s debut feature offers a glimpse of teenage life in Japan, mining rare truths: the bittersweet taste of youth, female friendship, suburban ennui. Shot in gauzy black & white, About the Pink Sky premiered at Sundance and won Japanese Eyes: Best Film at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

I, Daniel Blake opens in NYC

I, Daniel Blake, Ken Loach (2016)

A portrait of a carpenter simply fighting for his pension, Ken Loach’s 26th film, I, Daniel Blake marks the apotheosis of his unique brand of social-realist cinema: to give a voice, a lens, to the poor and forsaken, the small struggles of ordinary people, who know no fame nor glamor nor glory. It won the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

American Women at Syndicated Brooklyn

Certain Women, Kelly Reichardt (2016)

Two films about women, directed by women, are on offer this weekend at Syndicated Brooklyn. Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women explores the intersecting paths of a lawyer, a homemaker and a law student amidst the wide-open plains of the American Northwest alongside American Honey, Andrea Arnold’s slice of bittersweet Americana.

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