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Autumn window in Toulouse

Autumn window in Toulouse

Autumn window in Toulouse

Autumn window in Toulouse

End of summer

Autumn symbolizes the end of summer both from a calendar point of view and from an atmospheric point of view. The two aspects are obviously not synchronous since the first is a rule established by man and the other decided by nature.

It is common to hear especially in the southwest, or the south more generally, "one would think it’s summer". It is a true sign of conditioning to the established calendar and a kind of hope to feel still in summer (symbol of sun and holidays) while we are in October.

Half season

Autumn is often referred to a half-season, as spring by the way. Summer and winter are the two great seasons, as they have contrasting weather conditions, the highest or lowest temperatures of the year.

The term "half" should not be taken with a pejorative connotation. It must be understood as a transition that has its own charms. The autumn knows how to delight us with the warmth of its colours, which contrasts with the lower temperatures and the luminosity.

Late autumn

For this late autumn the painter or photographer can observe the landscape through his window as in this photo, which comes in illustration of the theme "autumn" of the photo of Sunday.

In the heat of his home, the work must then transcribe again the external atmosphere and make perceive these different sensations of temperatures.

Here the Garonne, the sky, the buildings (dome of the former hospital La Grave) radiate a luminous coldness while inside you can see the soft warmth of the oak logs that are consumed in the chimney.

Translated by Carrie

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