In pronouncing the word Burgundy/Bordeaux evocations are plentiful, the city of south-western capital of New Aquitaine, a chromatic field that includes dark red, quality terroir. Let’s discover Bordeaux and company miscellanea.

Selection of Burgundy and company

Selection of Burgundy and company

Miscellany of Bordeaux and company


Almandine garnet is not unlike the burgundy colour. The almandine garnet is also a gem of an extremely red purple. It is a stone, litho-therapy, brings courage and will and moral strength.


Purple was a very popular colour in ancient times, very rare and therefore particularly expensive. It is a colour that symbolizes power such for example, in the clergy the colour worn by bishops and cardinals.


This is again a gemstone. It is a gemstone whose colour that draws on a variety of dark garnet red is intense. In the legends the Wyvern, a fantastic and mythological creature that has often the shape of a dragon or winged serpent, carries it.

Bordeaux Monday

Bordeaux was our colour appointment Sunny Monday for October. A colour, a word that has many facets and that did not fail to boil your imagination.

Translated by Carrie

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