September turns orange

Still under a summery sun in the Southwest, after the blue of August, September, turns orange for your photographic appointment « SunnyMonday ». « Ask oranges to apples is a common disease » (Gustave Flaubert).

September turns orange

September turns orange

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The beginning of autumn, return of the summer holidays has arrived for young and adults. It can be a forced, mandatory or desired return for those looking for a job.

For this first Monday in September, I decided to offer you the orange colour of this California poppy. A flower of which I appreciate the colour and the way it does impose itself in a garden.

The shooting dates from the beginning of August, but it is in the spirit of « flower power » that continues to animate our Mondays even though the name has evolved.


Fruit, colour or brand

You might by curiosity search on Google and just type orange. The results of the first page are impressive. You will not find any indication of the colour or the fruit: the laws of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are terrible.

sunny monday september orange


Secondary colour

Orange is a secondary colour obtained by mixing red and yellow. Nature gives us this very nice mix. We will see in your involvements and also in mine that orange is a popular colour by the man, who often assimilates it to the sun.

french version of this post

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