Why do I like Fashion Blogs ?

Why do I like Fashion Blogs ?

Why do I like Fashion Blogs ?

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Fashion Blog

Photographer fun

I assure you I will not get into a category « Fashion », but I regularly visit a number of fashion blogs that I found in particular through the Hellocoton platform where you can also subscribe to my profile if is not already done.

On these blogs I appreciate and study the photographs are generally excellent quality and allow me to discover different angles to enhance the looks and of course models.

The reissue of this article originally published June 17, 2011 is an opportunity to pay tribute to this category of blogs and I admire the inspiration of bloggers. Today these blogs are often associated with Instagram accounts, allowing me to follow more easily the photographic work.

The downside is that suddenly I visit a little less certain fashion blogs, but I promise I’ll get back soon!

Belbe and fashion

Original text of the article.

Hellocoton is a magical source of blogs,

No no this is not a sponsored article!

Except so,

We discover a passion

What do I say…

A cult …

For handbags….

I cannot fight against the urge

To present this model…

Almost unique…

Translated by Carrie


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