Nordic Hotel Stockholm

Ideally located, the Nordic Hotel Stockholm has everything to make your stay in Stockholm (Sweden) a very exceptional moment.

Nordic Hotel Stockholm

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Nordic Hotel Stockholm

After having given you tips for planning your trip, we reached our destination and drove to Stockholm in just 20 minutes, thanks to the Arlanda Express.

Today, I propose you to take an interest in accommodation, which is a key element of a trip. A useful clarification, this is not a sponsored article; my quill is free and only gives my own commitment.

Booking a hotel

The choice of the location of your hotel should not be done randomly. Before you start a search, you have to define your criteria.

For this trip my criteria were:

  • No use of a car or a taxi.
  • Being less than 5 minutes walk from the city centre.
  • Being less than 5 minutes from the Central Station of Stockholm

My reservation was made using the site

To be more specific, when I book a hotel, I go onto and on the hotel website. In this case, on, no prepayment was requested, and that is what decided me for this choice.


Nordic Hotel Stockholm (which I already knew) met all my criteria. Indeed, as soon as you are out of the station, you spot the entrance of the hotel.

This is very significant because you won’t need, on the way in or on the return, to take a taxi or a bus to reach your hotel. Even on foot, it is very pleasant not to drag your suitcases in the entire city.

No waste in time, to reach the hotel, is a real asset: it only took us 40 minutes from the landing of the aircraft, to get to the hotel.


Accommodations in Scandinavian countries represent an important budget, and disappointments can be great, even with a high price.

In late December, the sun sets at 2.30pm and it is night from 3.00pm. Many hotels, in the case of this one, offer rooms without windows (which often have the lowest rate). They are also, very often, the smallest rooms. We did not retain that choice.

The room was an acceptable size (rates varying, I invite you to visit the sites mentioned earlier in the article). It was very clean and nice trendy style.

The bathroom had a shower worthy of the name, and a hairdryer.

If you have followed, you understood that the hotel is next to the train station and yet you really do not hear the trains. Neither the neighbors besides, the hotel is perfectly soundproofed.

The use of the lift is done using the card in your room. It’s an additional security.

Nordic Hotel Stockholm BarNordic Hotel Stockholm lounge



The reception is done with a smile. You can pay for your stay upon arrival, allowing express checkout: simply drop the bedroom card in a box provided for this purpose.

We exchanged in English, French is not a widely practiced language in Sweden (as in many other countries by the way).


It’s a real brunch offered to you.  Before you start your day, you can take a maximum of energy. Note the use of organic products.

The room is very large; the dishes are gradually replenished along the service. The tables are clean and the atmosphere is very cozy, making this moment a very nice time.


We are in a connected world, and if a trend is to provide hotels with no Internet connection, I prefer for my part, to have an opportunity for connection.

Here, the wireless access is included in the price room. No password is required and the broadband is excellent, which is noteworthy.

Restaurant and Ice Bar

A restaurant is available at the ground floor and it is a solution if you do not want to go out again.

You may notice on the last picture, an Ice Bar is also present in the hotel; we’ll talk about it soon!

Nordic Hotel Stockholm Reception

Your reservations

  • What are your criteria for booking a hotel?
  • What (s) site (s) do you use to book hotels?
  • Is accommodation an important point for your holidays?

version française

Translated by: Carrie

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