Hendrich Real Estate GmbH is Recognized as One of the Best Luxury Real Estate Brokers in Austria

Austria is one of the most desirable regions of Europe for those who want to buy luxury real estate with a rich historical background and attractive present. A wide range of choices drive a buyer down a blind alley and lead to a wrong or hasty decision.

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Hendrich Real Estate GmbH

Hendrich Real Estate GmbH is a one-stop solution for buying or selling high-end properties in Austria and other exquisite locations in Europe. Its clients are guaranteed to find what they are looking for, its unparalleled quality of service and guaranteed results for every client have earned the company recognition in the industry and the second consecutive winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Broker in Austria

Hendrich Real Estate GmbH is one of the leading real estate agencies in Austria, which has specialized in the brokerage of luxury properties for more than ten years. The company was founded by Evelyn Hendrich, an upscale real estate professional with extensive experience both in Austria and abroad. Mrs. Hendrich's vast experience combined with her impressive professional background enables her to provide the best result for each and every client.

Evelyn Hendrich and her team provide custom-tailored solutions to every client who is interested in buying or selling luxury real estate in Vienna, Austria, and selected locations in Europe. Hendrich Real Estate GmbH carefully studies the client's wishes, analyzes the information, and implements the developed concept to meet the client's needs. The company has already helped to buy and sell premium properties, including villas, houses, chalets, penthouses, apartments, lake- and seaside properties in the most exquisite locations in Europe. 

"On behalf of the Hendrich Real Estate GmbH team and myself, I thank the expert committee of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the honor of enjoying being an LLA winner for the second consecutive year. And separately, I would like to thank our clients for trusting and choosing our company as a partner in one of life's most important decisions," said Evelyn Hendrich, Founder and Managing Partner at Hendrich Real Estate GmbH

In addition to assisting in the purchase and sale of luxury real estate, the company also provides services to develop profitable real estate investment strategies. 

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