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A talented interior designer can be compared to a kind of prism that absorbs the flow of information, sensations, and inspirations from the world around, endows with professional skills and experience, as well as understanding of customer needs, then creates aesthetically appealing spaces that tell their clients' unique stories.

Beijing Shimao Loong Palace Linquan Villa_02
Beijing Shimao Loong Palace Linquan Villa © chiara ye

David Chang Design Associates International Ltd

Each work by David Chang Design Associates International Ltd., also know as DCDA, is the result of such a prism that produces an enduring impression of harmony, deep cultural context, and a complete statement. DCDA’s projects become sources of inspiration and works of art, these projects also won many awards. In 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Guangdong is another indication of DCDA’s recognition.

DCDA is the brainchild of Chinese-Canadian designer David Chang. He was born in Taipei, Taiwan, but later studied interior design at California State University, USA, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and studied Green Building and Community Sustainability and Visual Art graduate certificate program at Harvard University. David Chang is currently a member of the expert committee of The Society of British and International Design (SBID). In addition, Mr. Chang is a professional member of leading international organizations in the design industry, including NCIDQ, IIDA, and ASID. His 30 years of professional experience, keen aesthetic sense, and deep interest in Chinese and Western culture are reflected in DCDA projects, infusing them with an exquisite atmosphere of comfort, vitality, and unique nobility.

David Chang founded the interior design firm in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. In 2006, the company entered the Chinese market, opening offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Wuxi. The firm's projects in various Chinese cities have been universally recognized and have established David Chang Design Associates International Ltd. as a standard-setter in the field of luxury real estate design. Today, the DCDA team consists of over 90 experienced and passionate designers and dedicated supportive administrative team members. The company provides a comprehensive range of space planning, design, equipment and materials procurement, implementationof residential and hospitality interiors, as well as soft furnishing services for high-end private clients and major real estate developers.

David Chang and his colleagues have been recognized with many awards in the design industry. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts praised the level of professionalism of the DCDA team, continuing a long list of numerous design awards in the UK, Italy, USA, China, and Canada. In addition, David Chang himself was one of the judges of the A' Design Award and Competition, the World's largest, most prestigious and influential design accolade. In 2020 and 2021, David Chang was one of the judges of the SBID design award, the most prestigious and competitive design award. 

David Chang Design Associates International Ltd. portfolio includes a long list of interior designs for luxury apartments, villas, clubhouses, hotels, sales centers, bespoke private homes. Each of these projects embodies David Chang's unique approach that design is infused with soul and energy when it references to culture, history, art, and function. Outstanding projects such as Heritage Estate, Chinoiserie Villa S3, Runze Palace B02, Eminence Mansion, Brother Fortune Villa Center, and a long list of other works have received high recognition in professional circles and among customers. Each of these projects stands out for its unique, sophisticated identity, exquisite cultural and historical references, and eclectic design solutions aimed at creating the space the client dreamed of.

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