Luxury Lifestyle Awards – The Stronghold of Excellence in the Times of Change

In an unpredictable and changing world, there is a tendency to value things that retain the highest quality and respect for the consumer in all circumstances. Volatility conditions contribute to increasing demand for stable goods and services that continue to meet consumer needs. Promoting the valuable brands and making connections between them and discerning consumers are among the key factors that create a successful and effective market.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Luxury Lifestyle Awards

As an exclusive hallmark of excellence, Luxury Lifestyle Awards offer international recognition to the leaders of the luxury industry around the world and provide the affluent customers with information about the best high-end lifestyle-related brands.

Since its establishment in 2008, Luxury Lifestyle Awards have been in the lead of the lifestyle industry. Today LLA is an authoritative and respected global award that connects people with the most trusted and successful premium brands worldwide. The company provides you with the top list of the best of the best by selecting, recognizing, celebrating, and promoting luxury goods and services from around the world. This list is based on a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of nominees by the competent experts of LLA. In total, the committee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards analyzed more than 10 000 nominees in 400 categories from 60 countries, and that is not the end of the line.

Nominating and winning the Luxury Lifestyle Awards brings the brands a number of distinct benefits for further development and building brand credibility. Status growth and worldwide recognition, coupled with global marketing campaigns and promotions that come with the victory, create a favorable background for further brand development and growth of its competitiveness.

The winners also get the opportunity to be exposed to an entirely new market of customers, increase the existing customers’ loyalty, and boost awareness among their target audience. The award-winning brands expand their connections with the leading luxury brands on the local and international levels.

There are two ways of becoming a nominee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards – companies can make nominations on their own, or LLA experts do it on an annual basis. This is followed by marketing research and announcement of the results. In case of victory, the winner selects the Promo Package of the Winner according to the brand’s budget and marketing goals to promote the victory.

The next step is the start of individually tailored advertising and promotion campaign period is 3, 6, or 12 months depending on the selected Promo Package. After all selected services are provided, the winner is given the complete report about the results of the promo campaign.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards support winners on international level, providing PR and marketing tools that help them to promote their brands, products, and services in the Luxury Sector.

According to the selected Promo Package, the winner is provided with a promo campaign including personalized publications on the Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ official website, social media accounts, and global promotion of the company’s PR materials.

The Winner’s Kit also features Winner Certificate and Award Trophy – a unique Golden Crown covered in 24-karat gold and designed by renowned jewelry craftsmen, Faraone Mennella. Highlighted with the LED Display, and coupled with Award Plaque made of glass and iron, this trophy proudly represents the winner’s award the best possible way. Each winner becomes a member of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Winners' Club for 1 year.

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This membership provides the brand with access to exclusive articles, invitations to networking events, promotion of the company in the business community, collaboration with the best companies of the luxury industry in the world. Additional merchandising materials and digital instruments (e.g. LLA’s stickers, widgets, embedding Winner’s Logo and others) increase the efficiency of the brand promotion offline and online.

Showcasing the reputation, excellence, uniqueness, personalization, and craftsmanship of your brand will open new horizons for your business and bring you to leaders in your industry. So let the experienced team of Luxury Lifestyle Awards be your guide on the way to the top!

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