Yukyco is a web creator. She lives in Japan and she will explain us what is Art Box and you will discover her work. Yuki, floor is yours.

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© Yukico

We are Art Box

Yukyko’s Design

I’m a web creator. Creator’s name is Yukyco. Currently I’m working as freelance. 

I built Art Box in 2013 on my web server with artistic friends from Facebook. It took so long time because artist friends are in Canada, France, Norway, Switzerland..

And I live in Japan. But I have friends in France who is so kind then she taught me about portfolio. Then I made portfolio

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© Yukico

Built by Bootstrap

Art Box is built by Bootstrap. It’s still 2013’s version. I needed to remake it so hard but I enjoyed!

Bootstrap is such a popular framework. I love it because it’s so easy to use. They have a lot of cool design. Also they gave me chance to make Art Box.

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© Yukico

Patron page

Of course, I use security soft absolutely. I want be more professional at web service.

Just recently I made my Patron page.

I hope you can help my blog too

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© Yukico

Yukyco’s Story

She started to work for マチウケル since she was offered from them. (2009).
Since then she was offered from another Art Garelly : RBR Art and
She joined Tokyo Azabu market in 2009.
Also she joined 2010 Art Festival (In Australia).
She joined RBR Group exhibition in 2010.
She joined
愛と感動のあるアートライフ展示会 in April/October 2011.
She is joining
愛と感動のあるアートライフ展示会 in April/May 2012.

7月 渋谷チャリティーポストカード展に参加
8月 オンラインショップにてポストカードや作品・販売を開始
9月 マチウケルのクリエイターとして画像提供開始
12月 RBR主催のアートマーケットへの出展
3月 ニュージーランド展示会に出展
5月 ロフトワークでの年賀状のデザイン創作に参加
9月 麻布のグループ展RBR主催に出展
11 創作活動を続けながら、Facebookに作品を投稿し続けて、このページを開設

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