Atech launches Makron

Atech will launch the Makron family of products and services at the World ATM Congress, which will take place from March 6 to 8 in Madrid (Spain). The company will be at H10-931 stand.

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Atech launches Makron, a complete family of products and services in the area of air traffic management and control

Brazilian company will be featured during the World ATM Congress

Atech, a Brazilian company of the Embraer Group, is an international reference in terms of air traffic management. During almost two decades acting as a partner of the Brazilian Air Force and international institutions of the sector, the company has accumulated expertise in the area and today it has a complete set of ATM solutions. All products and services developed by the company are now part of the Makron family, which is scheduled to be launched at the World ATM Congress, which will take place from March 6 to 8 in Madrid (Spain). The company will be at H10-931 stand.

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The Makron family of products integrates all the solutions developed by Atech in the area of ATM. Currently, there are nine products for the air traffic management sector, including simulation and training solutions for flight controllers and pilots. Makron products are: ATC-SAGITARIO, for air traffic control; AFTM-Skyflow, for air traffic flow management; AMHS-Cygnus, for aeronautical message switching; RAFIS-Cosmos, aimed at providing flight information services at remote aerodromes; OPMET-Aura, for meteorological information management; eFPL-Janus, an application for submitting messages and flight plans via mobile devices; IFPS-Leo, the Initial Flight Plan System; SWIM-Aquila, common aeronautical information sharing platform; and the PLATAO, simulation platform of air situation, training and qualification of air traffic controllers and pilots.

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With the Makron family, Atech is positioned in the global market as a provider of complete ATM solutions, highlighting the ability of the company to offer products and services that meet the real needs of each country and its local air navigation service providers (ANSP). One of the main partners of DECEA (Department of Airspace Control), Atech is responsible for developing solutions that cover 100% of the Brazilian territory for the air traffic management. It also exports its products, as is the case of ATFM-Skyflow, which is now in operation in India.

"We are a company capable of offering integrated solutions in defense, security and ATM, working in the complete life cycle of the systems and now with the Makron Family, we strengthen our position in the international market," said Edson Mallaco, president of Atech.

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