Atech application allows sending flight plans via smartphones

One of the latest systems launched by Atech will be presented at the World ATM Congress, which takes place from March 6 to 8 in Madrid (Spain). The Brazilian company of the Embraer Group, which will be at H10-931 stand, launched at the end of last year the eFPL-Janus Application (FPLBR in Brazil) to the air navigation market. With only two months of operation, the application has already been downloaded by more than 11,000 users.

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Atech application allows sending flight plans via smartphones

Developed in partnership with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), eFPL-Janus is a mobile application, compatible with IOS and Android platforms, to be used on smartphones and tablets for submission of flight plan messages (FPL, CHG, DLA, etc.), offering agility to users, as well as informing them of the current approval status of the submitted messages.

With this innovation, pilots, airlines and operators of aeronautical information services may submit their flight plans in a practical, safe and online way, avoiding errors and incompatibility of information and reducing the need for manual corrections. In addition, the system was developed to allow the pilot draw up the plan quickly, as the platform is intuitive and offers several facilities, such as suggestions of routes, or even the possibility of cloning a flight plan message, allowing the pilot to forward a new flight plan message with a few actions.


To perform all necessary syntactic and semantic consistencies of the flight plan, the eFPL-Janus application connects to the ATFM-SIGMA system, also developed by Atech, which then performs all submitted flight plan processing, verifies route eligibility and pilot and aircraft license permits, etc., and presents to the user the errors found in the flight plan. Only after the user has exhausted all the errors pointed out by the ATFM-SIGMA system, the authorization of the flight plan is issued.


The solution places Brazil on a new level in the field of air traffic control technology. By making information compatible with other systems, such as the ATFM-SIGMA (Integrated System for Air Traffic Management), and by integrating data from ANAC, Infraero, meteorological information, for example, the eFPL-Janus application offers a new solution for the sector, globally, since the existing versions in this market do not have such integration as the solution promoted by Atech.

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