New IMAX film Tiny Giants 3D: a stroke of genius!

The Montréal Science Centre has a brilliant idea for families during the holidays. From December 22 to January 8, only $20 per adult and $13.50 per child buys the full IMAX experience with the film Tiny Giants 3D as well as admission to the permanent exhibitions and the new exhibition Indigenous Ingenuity, where visitors explore how Indigenous knowledge continues to shape our world today.

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Tiny giants. Big adventure.

Created and distributed by BBC Earth, the film Tiny Giants 3D is the immersive tale of the massive adventures of a small chipmunk and a young mouse in the hostile environments of North America's wild woodlands and the arid Arizona desert.

Let your children see things through the eyes of these minuscule creatures and discover just how dogged they must be to tackle challenges of giant proportions. Follow them as they confront gigantic predators and learn how their ingenuity not only keeps them alive but also helps them master their environment. Crystal-clear images reveal with breathtaking intensity the courage and skill of these small animals in their epic mission to survive.

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A day of family fun and learning during the holidays:

  • $20 per adult and $13.50 per child for a full day of activities
  • Admission to the IMAX film Tiny Giants 3D, a tale of two little rodents and the challenges they face in nature
  • Admission to the new exhibition Indigenous Ingenuity, where visitors experience the innovations and wealth of scientific knowledge of Indigenous peoples, from igloo building to harpoon fishing
  • Admission to renowned permanent exhibitions including
    • Human
    • Fabrik – Creativity Factory
    • Science 26
    • Clic! The Zone for Curious Young Minds
    • The Windmills of the Imagination

Learn more about the exhibitions on offer at the Montréal Science Centre

snapshot tiny giants 3D
© BBC Earth

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With over 700,000 visitors annually, the Montréal Science Centre is a complex dedicated to science and technology. It is known for its very accessible, interactive approach and its focus on innovation and local talent.

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Tiny Giants Trailer – BBC

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