Listen to music and at the same time…

Music to learn a language, its, or a foreign language can be learning and playful while being formidably effective. With music, you will discover that learning a foreign language is above all a pleasure.



Music for the pleasure of learning

Learning a foreign language is not a sinecure

In general, the French do not have the reputation of having a satisfactory mastery of foreign languages (whether English, German, Italian or Spanish).


Yet we have a school course that allows us to have many hours of classes to learn one or more foreign languages. Knowing how to express ourselves in another language is not depreciating our French language, but it is giving oneself the capacity to exchange, to dialogue with other people in their mother tongue or in a common language that is very often English.


The record of our education system in the field of foreign languages ​​is difficult to establish, but nevertheless we can hear tourists who are often not satisfied with our level of understanding, starting with English.


Without doubt, the practice of oral and the pleasure of practicing language are pedagogical tools that can facilitate the learning of a foreign language. Let us not forget that we first learn to talk with adults and children around us and then we move on to writing.


The time spent in purely oral learning is too often inadequate, but music is a great tool to playfully improve oral and pronunciation.


Your favourite songs as a support

We all have songs in English (it is also valid for other languages) that we could listen to in a loop.


To start or improve your learning, choose two or three songs you love. Try to understand the sentences and to have an idea as precise as possible of the meaning of the text without using the words at first.


These are the sounds you will then memorize and without realizing it you will also capture idiomatic expressions.


In a second step, get the lyrics by doing a search on the web. Read the text quietly, you can even take the time to search for the words you are missing. I advise against the solution of finding a ready translation, because the memorization will be less effective.


Then listen to the song again by following the text of the lyrics. Do it several times to immerse yourself in the meaning and pronunciation.


To finish, sing at the same time by imitating the intonations. This final exercise, which you can save, will allow you to correct yourself.


Sites dedicated to learning through music

If you do a search, you find many sites that offer this method. It is difficult to tell you which one will suit you, because it depends on the desire you have and the level of interactivity you are looking for.


Nevertheless, here are two sites that I find both playful and with an interesting level of interactivity. The principle is simple, you choose a video clip and you will have when listening to find the missing words. If you get into the game, progress will be felt quickly.


The two sites are:


It is also a method that makes it possible to prepare oneself for the oral language of a foreign language in a very playful way.

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Translated by Carrie

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