Discover the French language through music

The French language, like all other languages, has idiomatic expressions, which make its richness and which are sources of curiosity for those (very numerous) who choose to learn our beautiful French language. Let us discover some idiomatic expressions that find their source in music.

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Music inspired by music

Be set as music paper

When the caller tells you "you are settled like music paper" it expresses the fact that it finds that you operate in a very (too?) precise or regular way.


Do you see a reproach or a quality?

It is complicated to answer this very good question, because there may be more contexts to form an opinion.


If, for example, when you arrive at your workplace, your co-worker or your worker says "you are settled like music paper, always 15 minutes late", this is a reproach for a failure of your organization.


On the contrary, if your readers eagerly await your literary chronicles, they will not fail to comment on your chronicles by saying "you are settled like music paper, your literary chronicle of Friday always falls just on time".


It is in fact thanks to the precise and codified respect of the transcription of music on music paper that all the musicians find a common language, which allows them to play in harmony.


Go faster than music

It is an idiomatic expression that is totally in agreement with our time when everything has to go fast, without sometimes taking the time to think.


How many fake news, false virus alerts are circulating because it is more important to quickly inform others rather than taking the time to check the information and not help to amplify a false rumour.


Go faster than music is also not respecting the time to do things right, want to overtake the steps. How many blogs are open on a whim, without real questioning and that are finally only straw fires.


Touching the Nerve

Sometimes it happens to hurt through a remark, a comment, an oversight … Touching where it hurts is also a strategy to prevail over a topic or a meeting. We are in the emotional, in the moral affections and those of the heart.


Avoiding touching the nerve, you will be willing, as an approach, to spare the person for not to hurting it.


By targeting a person's nerve, you will have the will to reach it not physically, but psychologically to weaken or discredit it.

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