To travel is to open up to others


Discover the world

In spring time the desire to leave home is very strong. The sun, like the rain, is an element that gives us the will to move.

It is also the opportunity to program the discovery of a new country. It is, moreover, ridiculous to oppose the choice of a foreign destination to that of a French destination. We appreciate that our department, our region, our country welcome tourists. Except for very rare exceptions, all the inhabitants of the countries of the world share this opinion.

termibal 4 airport madrid barajas spain

The airport, a diversity place

To discover a country, the plane is a means of transport to privilege reducing the time of transport and to privilege the time on the spot. The atmosphere of an airport is fabulous, as you can see in this picture of Terminal 4 of Madrid-Barajas airport. It immediately immerses you in a leisurely spirit.

The social and cultural mix of travellers already opens you to other horizons and takes you out of your Francophone comfort zone.

Travel around the world

Aviation is in my DNA, it makes it possible to link and connect people. In 2017, many of us, sometimes by choice, sometimes for lack of means do not have the opportunity to discover other cultures and thus open up and enrich the mind.

Books, documentaries allow us to get an idea or to deepen our geographical, political or social knowledge. Discovering a country, a region, a city through a journey brings another dimension.

Doing your own experience is a real asset, ask yourself how many countries you have visited and how many countries will visit your children.

Travel and Photos

Travel rhymes with photos, the two elements are bound. The photo will make it possible to fix a souvenir for oneself or to share it. The photo of this article is a sharing in the photo of Sunday, a photo challenge of our Canadian friend Magda.

Translated by Carrie

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