South Korean Lesbian Romance and more

South Korean Lesbian Romance & more

Our Love Story


Filmatique's New Asian Voices Series continues with Our Love Story, Hyun-ju Lee's debut feature that premiered at San Sebastián, Vancouver, and Jeonju, where it won the Grand Prize for Best Korean Film.

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Our Love Story, Hyun-ju Lee (2016)

Credit photo Our Love Story, Hyun-ju Lee (2016)


Yoon-joo is a timid art student who has retreated into preparations for her graduate exhibition. Ji-soo is a bartender who radiates confidence. Following a chance encounter at a convenience store they embark on a romance that defies what remain intolerant attitudes toward homosexuality in South Korea.

Hyun-ju Lee's lyrical debut feature Our Love Story explores the nuances of first love between two characters that just happen to both be women.



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