Content more than technique

To the question "how to write well an article for your blog", it is interesting to note that very often the answers focus on the writing technique and on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspects. Content seems absent from reflection while it is the heart of emotion.


Content more than technique


Naturally, we should expect to have in the comments (which are moderated) a response of the type "both my General". Certainly, rain is wet and this type of argument is useful only to break open doors.

Content for Quality

To begin with, we must consider that all articles are not of the same level, and this, independently of the editorial team. Indeed, the subject is decisive and, if it sometimes leads to and requires a complex and complete development, it may also happen that concision is more effective in conveying a clear, comprehensible and complete message.

The number of words does not do everything.

In the world of the blogosphere, one of the criteria for measuring the quality of an article is the number of words. If you cannot align a minimum of 500 words, the number 1000 is sometimes quoted, then the world master of searches on the internet will drape himself in his dignity and ignore your article without wondering what it contains.

This rule, of which I do not know whether it is really useful, is a calamity and a form of self-censorship of your style. Why should you count the words and add them to the risk of losing the emotion of your text?

We agree, for an article order, the number of words can be a requirement provided it does not become a parody of "the jam the less we have, the more we spread it".

A surprising rule

In a world where no one takes more time to actually read, it is surprising to recommend a minimum length to the text. The longest articles are not the most read even if all the artifices of the web copywriting are gathered.

Container for your emotions

Do not mislead yourself when you rightly want to improve your articles and your visibility.

Allow me a metaphor, which will enlighten you on this subject.

A great vintage will always remain a great vintage even if it is served in a plastic glass. On the contrary, an industrial wine even in a glass of crystal will remain lean, winey, flat and even lumpy.

Emotion cannot be learned

As much as you can learn the technique of writing an article for the web, as much, there is no school to teach you to have emotions and the willingness to deliver them.

Naturally in the life of this blog, which wants to be assumed and voluntary eclectic, you will find flat articles.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that if the eagles sometimes fly below the chickens, it is rare for the chickens to fly above the eagles.

Emotion of the Sunday

Magda offers us in February as the theme of her photo project "l'émotion"/emotion. The content of an article, a photo must, to be appreciated, first of all emerge from the emotion. The worst compliment to a text, a painting or a photo is certainly to say, "Technically it makes sense ".

Translated by Carrie

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