Watch or touch?

Vision and touch are two of our five senses. Do we have to bring into opposition the touch to the vision, or do we have a complementarity that allows us to choose common sense at the right time? Do you need to touch to give you an opinion?


Watch or touch?

Mitten to touch

A mitten, it is not quite a glove, because it leaves the fingers uncovered. A woollen mitten makes it possible to have warm hands, but at the same time to be able to keep contact with his fingers.

Touch, one of our five senses

Thinking about it, touch is perhaps the most important of our five senses. It allows contact with the outside world. With touch we know whether the environment is hostile or welcoming.

The many receptors and corpuscles placed under our skin have specific tasks. We can detect the hot, the cold. They also serve as an alarm by triggering the sensation of pain.

To discover, the conventions make it not necessarily welcome to touch another person to know better.



The pleasure of the eyes replaces with elegance the inappropriate touch. Our eyes are the most sophisticated camera in the world. Our brain records the images as you go and if you have a photographic memory, you immediately recognize a person you have already met and the context will come back to you. However, you will not necessarily be able to associate to him a name or a first name.

Our look changes with age, it is also different at night.

Sometimes our look is not attentive enough, did you see the parma/mauve in the cover photo?

Translated by Carrie


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