Choose our ideal autumn exhibition

The exposure time is one of the important elements in photography. A reminder on the basis of the choice of exposure time will allow you to fully enjoy the warm autumn colors.

Choose our ideal autumn exhibition

Choose our ideal autumn exhibition

Choose the appropriate exhibition

Duration of exposure

The exposure time is the length of time you will allow the light to penetrate the sensor of your camera. From the time of the silver based film we were referring to the time of printing of the film by the light.


Unlike if you take your picture at 1 / 200th of a second you will pass less light than with an exposure time of 2 seconds. This is logical enough, but it is good to keep it in mind.

Photo underexposed.

The chosen exposure time was too short. The dark parts are not fully reproduced. The cliché will lack details and often the whites are too raw.

If you find that your photo is dark or underexposed, you can take another photo or if you see it once you are at home, do a post-treatment to unclog the shadows. In silver based film it was almost impossible to recover this type of cliché.

Photo over-exposed

You let too much light pass and in photographic language you can hear that the "whites are burnt". High lights have invaded part or all of the picture. Even in post processing it will be impossible to retrieve details.

To correct you have two possibilities:

  • Decrease exposure time
  • Close the diaphragm to allow less light to pass. Do not forget that the value of a large diaphragm has a small number, 3.5 for example, while a small diaphragm has a large digit, 32 for example.

Photo with an appropriate exposure

The picture is for me balanced when it is possible to distinguish my details as well in the light parts as in the dark parts. When you take a fixed subject do not hesitate to make several takes in order to arrive at a cliché exposed correctly.

Coaching photo

The autumn exhibition ends with the now famous photographic event "Sunday Photo". Another theme and coaching to discover next month.

Translated by Carrie

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