A few degrees of difficulty for the colour Bordeaux

By deciding together to have a colour as the theme of the month and not only for the first Monday of the month, we added a few degrees of difficulty. With the burgundy colour this complexity requires even more delicacy and subtlety.

A few degrees of difficulty for the colour Bordeaux

A few degrees of difficulty for the colour Bordeaux

A few degrees of difficulty for the colour Bordeaux

Constraint of the month

Originally only the first appointment of the month with Sunny Monday had to treat the proposed colour. Very quickly you and I have evolved the concept so that colour becomes the rendezvous of every Monday of the month.

Whether for the white, the blue or the orange the participations multiplied and drained a multitude of participation.

With Bordeaux it's another story…

Complexity or boredom

The complexity of the Bordeaux colour certainly holds that it is not fully a colour in the artistic sense of the term. Bordeaux naturally refers to wine or the city. From this observation the complexity lies in the fact to leave its comfort zone and to get to obscure these two references.

The other point to consider is certainly the period. Sunny Monday lives its tenth month and as often for these projects in the long course boredom can settle and the pleasure of the appointment turns into constraint.

As I prepare the year 2017 of Sunny Monday, this is an essential point that must be retained so that the moroseness of Monday does not settle in the project.

Subtlety and finesse

What brings at the same time a touch of optimism it is the subtlety you show to deal with this theme. It is nice to see that you do not give in to the facility by not participating.

On the contrary, much participation in the Bordeaux colour shows finesse and the message is thus even stronger!

How do you perceive this colour ?

Translated by Carrie

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