The market is all year.

Going to the market is a process that becomes (again) popular. Finding back the savors of seasonal fruits and vegetables by giving priority on short networks helps naturally on our balance diet.

The market is all year.

The market is all year.

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Going to the market

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

On vacation time and especially with the sunshine the markets witness their influence increasing. Curiously the holidaymaker tends to rediscover the pleasure of making his food shopping outside malls.

Certainly the tourist or city-dweller accustomed to supermarkets has lost the meaning and concept of the seasons. Asking lamb’s lettuce in August brings a smile to the seller and regulars.

Going to the market throughout the year allows finding back and making sense of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Supermarkets have conditioned consumers to have everything all year round.

Taking time to go to the market is also buying exactly what the consumer needs:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 5 tomatoes
  • 3 beetroots
  • 6 potatoes

Thus purchased products are fresh and buying the right amount of food avoids mess. Suspicion can still exist with traders who often fetch products from far away.

By becoming a regular market you’ll start again to appreciate to have the sounding and stumbling money. You will know exactly, bit by bit what is left in your wallet.


Sunday Market

The market is far too often synonymous of holidays. So for the theme « Holiday » of the Sunday’s photo, it appeared to me useful to point that going to the market is not just a matter of season.

La photo du dimanche

french version of this post

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