Have you got to drown your ego?

Most letters will start with "I", should proscribe our epistolary style that word "I" that naturally comes to talk about you. The " me, I" quickly tires and may irritate the one who reads you.

Have you got to drown your ego?

Have you got to drown your ego?

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Banishing “me”

Drowning “I”

The orange of this life belt would have certainly caught your eye and you understood that this article enters in the orange theme of your event Sunny Monday.

Why writing on a life belt? It is an opportunity to think about the drowning of the « me, I » of using the « I » (with capital letters) in your writing.

Writing is to correspond

If your sentences invariably begin with « I » the reader can quickly get the impression that you strut and he can feel assaulted.

Writing is to correspond and using « you » will more strenuously catch your correspond/pen pal.

Compare this sentence:

 » I received your email « 

With this form much more pleasant:

« The friendly email you kindly write me caught my attention. »

The reader appropriates your writing as soon as you publish it, it somehow becomes his property and he appropriates the words (this does not mean that he shares your opinion).

Toning down the « I »

To be understood and to share your point of view, one of the keys to success is to consider the subject from the point view of the readers as much as yours.

Toning down the « I » adds assets to your game. We are all selfish in power and you have to speculate as skilfully as possible through this common peculiarity.


And you, do you find that the « I » is hateful?


Translated by Carrie


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