Sailing on an azure lake

With this period of heat wave, azure water plans that are the sea or lakes are appreciated. For this Monday, symbol of back to work for many, let’s our mood sail over water.

Sailing on an azure lake

Sailing on an azure lake

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Sailing on a lake Azur



With this last Monday of August I am delighted to discover for the fifth time your blue involvements for our now popular Monday’s appointment.

Curiously at a time where the blogosphere had a tendency to be deserted, your interests were more numerous with newcomers and returners. This gives me great pleasure and it’s a Monday happiness that I don’t deny myself.



All this week, the air was hot, very hot. We had in the southwest, very high temperatures that we might have expected earlier in the season.

The grass turned yellow in a few days, which is quite rare. It is essential to save water and to see the corn being watered is a real aberration. We know that water will be missed, so why grow corn, very greedy farming water.



The sky puts itself into the spirit of « Sunny Monday » and it gave us the most beautiful blue as each other, one another. Of course the evening sunsets were hot with a beautiful full moon in the blue sky.

This year, the colors are living this project, but I will soon ask you about the rest of 2016. In order for you to start thinking, I wonder whether to keep a color per month or to have an element theme of the month or else? … All ideas are welcome.


September orange

September is looming and after all your beautiful blue participations, I wait to see how the color orange will inspire you.

Each month a new color with « Sunny Monday », a project in order that Monday is no longer the most terrible day of the week.

french version of this post

Translated by Carrie


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