Cursed Day of the Moon

The day of the Moon succeeds tirelessly to Sunday and marks the obligation to start a new week. Discover the history of a gray day in the heads that appeared as a weekly nightmare.

Cursed Day of the Moon

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Bad Moon

By creating event « Monday Sun, » I never thought to ask myself so many questions about the famous « Monday ».

Yet in another life I often made a remark that I had to live a real Monday.

Shit Monday

A true Monday that is to say a crappy Monday. That Monday begins in the morning with the alarm clock that did not ring. It continues by arriving in the kitchen and perceiving, damned, that there is no more coffee, the milk is sour and what you feel sticky underfoot is the kitten’s vomit, which actually just drank the milk out of date…

Obviously the water heater gave away and you’ll have to shave in cold water, that’s a real male pain.

Well you’ll have to hurry because that F.. manager has delivered a meeting at 8:30 am and obviously it rains to make things worse.

Miracle the car starts, I am dreaming!!!

Hold on there, what flashes? What, this is the petrol gauge, but I did not have time to refuel!

Obviously the car park is full, will still have to park miles away. The right foot in a puddle (you were thinking of something else, weren’t you?…). Well who cares anyway, I had not changed my socks (socks I said! Thank you for the rest it’s done).

It is…, blimey no watch!, shitty day I tell you …

And you arrive half tied, everyone his blue collar (you agree Emmanuel?) and you see Ginette, the secretary, announcing you (with her mouth pucker):

« Hello, have you spent a good Sunday? Mr your boss who you love me either told me that the meeting was postponed to this afternoon. The poor, he had forgotten that his wife needed him this morning « 

genet jaune riviere ariege

Nightmare Sunday

From 5pm-6pm, you feel the end of that day blessed by Gods (Sunday work except for vital services it’s bullshit ) and here you go, you’re going to think about that Moon day. And you’ll see, if it is the full moon you will not manage to fall asleep.

However this end of the week, you wait for it, you want it to happen quickly, that the hours, the days pass rapidly.

Ah Sunday, why is it acting on you like that, yet it is a day like any other one. Well not really, thinking about it, in French, all other days finish by  » Di  » (Mardi, Jeudi, Samedi) and here in French it begins with  » Di  » (DImanche), I should have suspected the trick, but what school is not telling you, you’re not learning it.

And here you go, facing the same horror and today it is Monday.

french version of this post

Translated by Carrie

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