Martin Nunez artist watercolor painter

Martin Nuñez self-taught watercolor painter exposed to Mirepoix (Ariege) from 10 to 23 May 2016.

Martin Nunez artist watercolor painter

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Martin Nuñez


Exhibition to Mirepoix

Going to a show is always an interesting source of discovery and inspiration. The exhibition of Martin Nuñez (May 10 to 23) to the gallery Crafts Mirepoix (09550) lived up to that source.

To the discovery of watercolors on display was added the discovery of a man full of authenticity that inspires respect.

The photos were taken with the artist’s agreement.

Self-taught watercolor painter

By a bad luck in life, Martin Nuñez began painting watercolors. He discovered the association of Independent Painters Ariègeois [from Ariège] (APIA) and exhibits at the Tour Crieu (09100) where the Lions Club of Foix awards him.

This recognition by his fathers brings him confidence and is one of the triggers of his artistic career.

Landscape and imaginary

Figurative landscape

paysage d'ariège sous la neige Martin Nuñez

The watercolor was self-evident for him. He paints landscapes from Ariege that surround him, and often snow-covered under a gray sky.

These figurative landscapes have marked a first period of his artistic approach. Today the imaginary becomes a central theme.


La Ruine Flottante Martin Nuñez

He has strong images in his mind, he must paint quickly so they do not escape. He first made an accurate sketch of his thrills like that one, which came after the visit of the deserted village of Opoul- Perillos in the Corbières which gives birth to his painting « The Floating Ruins. »

This imaginary resides in him and Martin Nuñez wishes to continue his artistic approach in this direction.

Ps: A difference with the actual colors of the paintings may exist with color pictures of the items taken by © Bernieshoot

french version of this post

Translated by Carrie



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