Five tips to get ready for your holidays

A successful journey depends at 90% on its preparation. Here are a few useful tips for your next holidays.

Five tips to get ready for your holidays

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Ready for your Holidays

Routine preparation

The end of the year holidays have just finished and you are already thinking of the next ones to help with the back to work blues. As I have travelled many time, professionally or for leisure, I give you today a few ideas to help you prepare your next journey. There are obviously many articles on then matter, but a recap is always useful.

Passport please

When you have chosen a destination, do not forget to find out which ID documents are necessary.

Is an ID card enough?

Would you need a passport?

And a visa?

Is there any mandatory immunisation?

Of course, you need to verify your ID documents validity. It would be stupid to be refused boarding because your documents are not up to date.

It could take a while to obtain a visa, do not wait until the last minute before applying for one, everything that is already done, does not need doing anymore.

Save your ID documents

Obviously, my our are not going away thinning you will automatically loose your ID or have it stolen, but it is always best to be prepared.

I will advise you to scan all your ID documents so you have a digital copy just in case. You will be able to print them to help you. It’s important to have access to them while you travel. Before you leave, send yourself an email with everything in an attachment. You will always find a way to consult your inbox if necessary and to print them.

International driving licence:

When you are abroad, your French driving license will be enough to rent a car most of the time. However, in some countries you will be asked to have an international driving licence. It is roughly a simple translation of your original French license. It does not replace it and you do not need to pass an exam.

It is free and you need to apply for it in the « prefecture » before you leave. You will find all the details here.

Electric sockets are not the same!

I imagine your expression if it had happened to you! Electric sockets are not the same everywhere, even in not to far away countries like England. Of course, you never had a problem with that, but you should know that adapters are one of the best selling objects in airport. Because we have all the adapters of course, but do we have the right one…

 To help you, I will advise to have a look here, and to think of packing your adapter. When on holiday, we want to spend your time doing anything but going to buy an adapter. Except if you collect them…

 Air France best in class

Air France BusinessAir France Business

I have to tell you that this post is not a sponsored one. I only give you my personal opinion.  The journey itself is an important part of travelling, either for leisure or professionally. You can choose a airline company on various criteria.

As for me, I am totally pleased with Air France. The staff is qualified and polite. Its fleet is impressive and its destination are amazing.

If you’d rather find the cheapest price possible, this is not for you. I find that the journey is a pleasure itself and you have to pay the right price for it. Treat yourself to a business class ticket and you will have a completely differ êt point of view on air travel.

With Air France, depending on the time, you have a proper meal, with napkin, plate, real cutlery, even champagne. You can wait for your plane in the Lounge, and you will almost be disappointed that you did not arrive earlier. You also have priority for borders check points and boarding.

This list of tips is not complete, if you like, you can let me know and I will be happy to publish more posts on the subject.

Translated by: Pom de Pin

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